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1911: Baker Earns His Nickname

1912: Two Dropped Balls Do in the Giants

1924: Fortune Shines on Senators - Twice

1925: Rice Makes Great Catch - or Did He?

1926: Old Pete Strikes Out Lazzeri

1929: Mack Starts Ehmke

1939: Lombardi's Snooze

1941: Owen Muffs the Third Strike

1946: Slaughter's Mad Dash

1947: Lavagetto the Spoiler

1948: Feller's Bad Luck

1952: Martin Saves Yanks

1954: Willie's Catch and Dusty's Homer

1955: Amoros Saves the Dodgers

1962: Maris's Hustle and Richardson's Catch

1975: Carbo Brings Red Sox Back from Dead

1978: Jackson Hit by the Throw

1985: Denkinger Blows the Call

1986: Buckner's Boo Boo

1993: Carter's Walk Off

1996: Leyritz's Home Run

2002: Spiezio Sparks Angels

2011: Cards Come Back Twice