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How Well Do You Know the Rules?
Situation: In an NCAAA game, the score is tied. Team A snaps the ball at the their 35. The QB drops straight back to pass and, under a heavy rush, throws an incomplete forward pass into an area where there are no Team A eligible receivers. Time in the fourth quarter expires during the play. This happens on (a) third down; (b) fourth down.

Football Quiz
In each case, five choices are listed along with a category. Pick the ONE choice in each category that does NOT belong.
  1. Heisman Trophy winners
    Alan Ameche, John Cappeletti, Payton Manning, Davey O'Brien, Vinny Testaverde

  2. Former members of the Big Eight Conference
    Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Texas Christian

  3. Schools in the Sun Belt Conference 2018-19
    Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, Georgia Southern, Texas San Antonio, Texas State

  4. Coaches who have won multiple Sugar Bowl games
    Chuck Fairbanks, Charles McClendon, Urban Meyer, Mark Richt, Barry Switzer