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How Well Do You Know the Rules?
Situation: In an NFL game, the offensive team faces 4th-and-10 on its 25. The punt is partially blocked, hits on the 28 and then bounces back to the 22, untouched by anyone beyond the line. A member of the punting team recovers the ball at the 22. What happens in each of these cases?
  1. He is downed there.
  2. He runs with the ball to the 33.
  3. He runs with the ball to the 36.
  4. He throws a pass from the 22 which is complete at the 50.
Football Quiz
Match each FBS school with its home stadium.
  1. East Carolina
  2. Oregon State
  3. South Florida
  4. Virginia Tech
  5. Wake Forest
  1. Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium
  2. Groves Stadium
  3. Lane Stadium
  4. Raymond James Stadium
  5. Reser Stadium