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April 14, 2015

"We went to Alaska once and they made us honorary Alaskans. Then we went to Hawaii and they made us honorary Hawaiians. We're going to the Virgin Islands this year."

Abe Lemons, witty coach at Oklahoma City, Texas Pan-American, and Texas (1955-1990).

Tiger Den Basketball


Fess Irvin wore the goat's horns after missing the front end of a 1-and-1 against Indiana in the 1987 NCAA Tournament. He got a chance to win the third game of the following season.

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Did You Know?

The ABA Lives!

The American Basketball Association still exists, although in a very different form from the league that forced the NBA to merge in 1976.

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Basketball Profile

Julius Erving - II

Doctor J showed so much ability that teams from both the NBA and ABA were fighting to obtain him.

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Basketball Quiz

List the four franchises that were absorbed into the NBA when the ABA disbanded in 1976. All four are still in the NBA, although one of them has changed cities.

Sparky Stalcup erupts into a firestorm
"Photo Finish" by Brian Hendrickson.
NCAA Champion magazine March 2015,
In six decades of shooting the Final Four, Rich Clarkson has shaped how we see the game.
Sparky Stalcup, coach at Missouri from 1946-62, was criticized for banning Clark­son from Brewer Fieldhouse for photographing the tirade shown below — an alterca­tion that ended in an awkward airline flight. This story started when Clarkson was a student at Kansas covering a Jayhawk road game.
Sparky Stalcup

Missouri coach Sparky Stalcup put on one of the greatest displays of a coach losing it that I've ever seen in the old Brewer Fieldhouse — leaping up onto the floor and throwing towels and running up and down the sidelines. I'm busy shooting pictures of the whole thing. I made about eight or 10 of those and sent them off to the Kansas City Star.

A day later, my mother says, "The phone call is for you." It was Coach Stalcup. He said, "I want you to know that you're never welcome again in Brewer Fieldhouse." So I called the sports editor of the Kansas City Star to report on the phone call I got about these pictures. They then wrote a column about it. And then the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an article about it, and the guy who was the sports editor at the Columbia Daily Tribune wrote one, all very critical of Sparky Stalcup, of treating an aspiring college photographer like that.

Later that year I'm getting ready to follow the Kansas basketball team to Seattle for the championships, and they were on a commercial flight. They were one seat short on the connection out of Minneapolis, so they put me on another flight that was leaving 30 minutes later. So I'm getting there just as they're getting ready to close the door on this flight, and just before they rolled the stairway away the stewardess at the top of the stairway says, "There's only one seat left." And the one seat that was empty and vacant was right next to Sparky Stalcup.

He says, "You're Clarkson, aren't you?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "We'll have to make the best of this, won't we?"