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Football Quiz: NFL
What was the last franchise created by the American Football League before it merged with the National Football League for the 1970 season?

The New Orleans Saints headquarters are actually located in the city of Metairie LA. Which NFL team has headquarters in each of these munici­palities?

(A) Englewood
(B) Florham Park
(C) Flowery Branch
(D) Orchard Park
(E) Owings Mills
(F) Reston

Match each NFL rules change with the year in which it was enacted.

  1. Goal posts moved from the goal line to the end line
  2. Ball is dead when the runner slides to the ground feet first
  3. Two-point conversion
  4. Ball is dead when a runner touches the ground with any part of his body except his hands or feet after being contacted by a defensive player
  5. Ball whistled dead when QB in the grasp of a tackler
(A) 1956

AFL Football 1960

Which of these teams were original members of the American Football League in 1960?

(A) Buffalo Bills
(B) Kansas City Chiefs
(C) Oakland Raiders
(D) Pittsburgh Steelers
(E) San Diego Chargers

  • In an 11-year period beginning in 1967, this franchise reached the AFL or AFC championship game nine teams. Advancing to the Super Bowl only twice during this stretch, the team won one and lost one. What team are we talking about?

  • Match each Super Bowl MVP with the team he played for in the big game.

1. Larry Csonka 1974
2. Jim Plunkett 1981
3. Richard Dent 1986
4. Emmitt Smith 1994
5. Steve Young 1995

(A) Oakland Raiders
(B) San Francisco 49ers
(C) Miami Dolphins
(D) Chicago Bears
(E) Dallas Cowboys
  • The Buffalo Bills are the only team to reach four straight Super Bowls (1991-4). Unfortunately, they lost all of them.

1. Which one of the following teams did not beat the Bills in the Super Bowl?
2. Which team beat the Bills twice in the Super Bowl?

    (A) Dallas Cowboys
    (B) New York Giants
    (C) San Francisco 49ers
    (D) Washington Redskins

  • Match each coach with the team he headed in the Super Bowl.

1. Raymond Berry
2. Sam Wyche
3. Chuck Noll
4. Joe Gibbs

(A) Cincinnati Bengals
(B) Washington Redskins
(C) New England Patriots
(D) Pittsburgh Steelers
  • One of the most memorable games in football history is the AFC playoff game on December 23, 1972, when Pittsburgh defeated Oakland on Franco Harris's "Immaculate Reception" in the last seconds.

What was the final score of that game?

(A) 7-3
(B) 7-6
(C) 10-7
(D) 13-7

Franco Harris, Immaculate Reception
  • True or false?

    During a fake punt in the NFL, the end man on the line of scrimmage for the defense cannot be called for pass interference on a gunner-turned-receiver.

Here are several questions about the first Super Bowl, which was held on January 15, 1967.

    (A) Where was the game held?
    (B) Which teams competed in the game?
    (C) Which team won?

Which one of the following circumstances does not draw a flag in the NFL?

  • (A) A kicker horse-collars a kick returner.
    (B) A QB horse-collars a defender on an interception or fumble return.
    (C) A defender horse-collars a QB inside the pocket.
    (D) A defender horse-collars a QB outside the pocket.

The Chicago Bears wear GSH on their jerseys. What do the initials stand for?

Each of these NFL franchises has played in more than one city. Identify the city that each of them played in before moving to their current locations.

    (A) Indianapolis Colts
    (B) Arizona Cardinals
    (C) Baltimore Ravens
    (D) Tennessee Titans

Which franchise has won the most NFL championships?

For many years, the annual game between the College All Stars and the NFL champions kicked off the football season each August (until 1976). In what stadium in what city was the game played for most of its history, including the last years of its existence?

Which pro football teams played in each of these defunct stadiums?

(A) War Memorial Stadium
(B) Kezar Stadium
(C) Fulton County Stadium
(D) Balboa Stadium

Which coach had the most NFL victories during the 1990s?

(A) Bill Parcells (B) Dennis Green (C) Joe Gibbs (D) Bill Cowher