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Johnny Pesky
July 4, 1949: Red Sox vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium

Situation: Top of 9th, bases loaded and one out with Yankees leading 3-2

Al Zarilla hit a shot into RF. Johnny Pesky, the runner on 3rd, broke for the plate but, hearing 3B coach Kiki Cuyler yelling at him to tag up, went back to 3rd. But as Pesky reached the bag, he saw Ted Williams, the runner on 2nd, bearing down on him. Williams screamed at Johnny to go home because the ball had dropped for a base hit. Pesky stumbled momentarily, then raced home. RF Cliff Mapes fielded and threw over the cut off man to home plate. The ball reached Yogi Berra on one hop. The Yankee C stretched like a 1B to snag the ball a fraction of a second before Pesky slid in. Home plate umpire Joe Papparella, seeing no tag, called the runner safe.

Yogi Berra
Reference: "It's Uncommon for a Force Play to Develop at Home Plate, Baseball Digest, Oct/Nov 2008, Rich Marazzi (1980)

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