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Season in Time 2005: Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - The Game

Kyle Wright

Devin Hester

Miami's QB saw a silver lining in the Peach Bowl bid.

  • Kyle Wright, who took over as the starter after coming off the bench and almost pull­ing out the season-opener at Florida State, wanted to finish with a 10-win season and keep the Canes as the highest-ranked ACC team.
  • There's also a sense of pride, said the 6-4 redshirt sophomore from Danville CA. I think people kind of lost confidence in us, especially down here and even around the country. ... People lost respect for us.
  • Wright finished the season with 2,303y passing, a 59.4% completion rate, and 18 TDs.
  • LSU provided just the kind of opponent for regaining respect. This is the best team pos­sible that we could have played. I think it's going to be awesome, going up against LSU.
  • He considered LSU's defense a huge challenge. I'm very impressed with their front four guys. They do like to bring a lot of different blitzes and send different things, but honest­ly they sometimes don't need to with the talent they have up front ...
  • Coker announced he would use speedy junior WR/KR Devin Hester in the offensive backfield as a prelude to 2006 when the coach hoped Devin would become "our Reggie Bush."
    Coker, like Les Miles, had once been the Offensive Coordinator at Oklahoma State.

The major questions as kickoff neared were these.

  • Would Matt Flynn be an effective leader for the LSU offense?
  • With Joseph Addai healthy again, would LSU regain its running game?
  • With three weeks to heal, would Bo Pelini's defense play with an aggressiveness that was lacking in the SEC Championship Game?
  • How interested would the Hurricanes, favored by seven points, be for their second straight Peach Bowl?
The answers turned out to be Yes, Yes, Yes, and Somewhat.
Miami 2005
 @Florida State 
Colorado 23-3
South Florida 27-7
Duke 52-7
@Temple 34-3
North Carolina
@Virginia Tech
Wake Forest 47-17
Georgia Tech 10-14
Virginia 25-17
LSU 2005
@Arizona State
@Mississippi State
North Texas
Appalachian State
@Alabama 28-14
@Ole Miss
Arkansas 19-17
Georgia (Atlanta) 14-34

Tigers enter field.

Calais Campbell forces Matt Flynn to throw the ball away on Tigers' opening possession.

Ronnie Prude tackles Quadtrine Hill.

Chase Pittman tackles Devin Hester.

Flynn rolls out to pass.

Flynn and Buster Davis congratulate each other after the TD pass.

Leon Williams tackles Skyler Green on the UM 20.

LaRon Landry breaks up pass intended for Lance Leggett.

Kyle Wright, back to pass, eyes Greg Olsen.

Claude Wroten rushes the passer.

Jon Beason signals after stuffing Addai.

David Jones catches flat pass.

Chris Jackson celebrates his FG with holder Flynn.

Melvin Oliver targets Kyle Wright ...

... and sacks him.

Dwayne Bowe catches pass between two defenders then ...

runs through Marcus Maxey to the UM 36.

Bowe tackled.

Green tries to elude tacklers.

Melvin Oliver tackles Devin Hester.

Skyler Green can't elude John Rochford.

Jacob Hester pulls away from Kenny Phillips.

Green runs for 1st down.

Glenn Dorsey sacks Wright.

Jonathan Zenon tackled after his INT.

Miles all smiles with Andrew Whitworth as the clock winds down.

Ali Highsmith holds mocking sign with E. J. Kuale.

Ronnie Prude does a celebration dance.

Miles addresses the crowd.

Near the end of pregame warmups, the Miami team in a mass huddle ran across to the LSU side of the field into a group of Tigers still warming up. The Hurricanes jumped up and down taunting the Tigers. The Big 12 officials moved in between them to make sure the situation didn't escalate.

65,620 spectators, garbed mostly in purple and gold (even though Miami had sold twice as many Peach Bowl tickets as the year before), witnessed a game that was competitive for most of the first half.

  • Q1: Miami won the toss and deferred. LSU began at its 35 following the out-of-bounds kick. The Canes employed eight-man fronts to stop the LSU running game and force Matt Flynn to beat them through the air. Running the scripted plays prepared by Jimbo Fisher, the Tigers started strong with a toss sweep to Joseph Addai around LE for 11 and a quick slant-in to Buster Davis on the other side to the UM 36.

    Craig Davis runs after catch.
    But a short run and two incompletions led to a 50y FG attempt by Chris Jackson that sailed wide left.

    Matt Flynn in total control of the offense.
    Starting from the 33, Miami moved smartly into LSU territory thanks in part to TB Devin Hester. After a short pass to FB Quadtrine Hill, Hester gained 9 around RE for a 1st down at the LSU 49. After Jesse ran for 4 around LE, QB Kyle Wright found him on a quick pass over the middle. Hit right after he caught the ball, Hester broke the tackle and continued to the LSU 26. Jesse lined up in the wildcat on the next play and took the direct snap around the right side for 11 more, but a holding penalty put the ball back at the 26. But the Canes overcame the setback aided by an offense on LSU. Wright connected with TE Buck Orte­ga over the middle to the 11. Another quick throw to RB Tyrone Moss out of the backfield gained 6. After a 3y run, the Hurricanes faced 3rd-and-2 for a 1st and 3 for the TD. Wright called a pass but both safeties, LaRon Landry and Jessie Daniels, blitzed up the middle and he had to throw the ball away. Jon Peattie booted the 20y FG. Miami 3 LSU 0 (8:45 left)
    The Tigers went three-and-out - two runs by Addai for 7 and another batted down pass. Hester fair caught the punt at his 33.
    The LSU defense returned the favor, with Landry coming over to break up a pass down the left sideline on 1st down and the defense blowing up an attempted screen pass on 3rd. The Tigers started from their 22 after a penalty on Skyler Green's punt return.

    Green heads upfield on punt return.
    Determined to establish the run game, Fisher called three straight runs by Addai to gain a 1st down at the 37. Then Flynn demonstrated an ability he brought to the position that Russell didn't have when he went back to throw but, seeing a big hole to his right, ran all the way to the UM 39. On 2nd-and-8, Green took a direct snap and swivel-hipped his way around LE to the 20. Based on their #1 in the SEC 92% scoring rate in the red zone, LSU seemed a good bet to at least tie the score, and that's what they did. When the next series gained only 1y, Jackson came on again and this time split the uprights from the 27. Miami 3 LSU 3 (0:58)

    Green scampers for 16y on FG drive.
    The most penalized teams in their respective conferences combined for three flags on the kickoff - offsides on LSU and two holding calls on Miami. The rekick put the Canes in a hole when Hester was bottled up at the 12. But that changed quickly when HB Charlie Jones burst through a big hole at LT to the LSU 44. The period ended two plays later with Miami facing 3rd-and-5.
    ESPN announcers Brad Nessler and Bob Griese agreed that the game had gone as expected - good defense by both sides with some big plays by each of­fense. That analysis would change by halftime.
  • Q2: Hester gained 4 to set up 4th-and-a half yard. Coker decided to go for it and inadvertantly created a turning point - some said the turning point - in the game. Wright took the snap and rolled right on a bootleg. TE Greg Olsen, lined up on the left, ran wide open across the field behind the defense waving his arms futile­ly as Wright seemed intent on running for the 1st down. But LDE Melvin Oliver fought off his blocker and knocked Wright out of bounds short of the line to gain.
    On 1st down, Flynn ran out of the pocket to move the chains to the UM 49. After LB Jon Beason stuffed Addai for a 2y loss, Matt hit Davis over the middle to the 41.

    L: Whitworth and Addai protect Flynn. R: Addai stiffarms Kelly Jennings.
    Addai got the 2y for the 1st down but an illegal procedure penalty made it 3rd-and-7. Then movement in the O-line pushed the Tigers back another 5. But the penalties proved to be a Godsend because on 3rd-and-12, Flynn, with excellent protection, threw long to Davis racing down the middle from his wide right posi­tion. Davis ran a shallow pattern as if going to the 1st down marker, then turned upfield to beat freshman CB Randy Phillips. Buster hauled in the slightly under­thrown pass inside the 5 and stepped into the EZ. Colt David converted. LSU 10 Miami 3 (11:47)
    Jackson kicked the ball to the sideline to the 8, and the Tigers again swarmed Hester at the 16.
    RB Justin Vincent hurt his knee covering the kickoff and did not return to action.
    The Canes began the possession with two quick 1st downs on a Wright-to-Hill 8y pass to the 28 immediately followed by a short pass to Hester over the middle to the 44.

    Kyle Williams (95) and Cameron Vaughn converge on Hill.
    But after LSU stuffed Jones on a 3rd-and-1 run, Coker decided against taking another chance and send in the left-footed punter, Brian Monroe, who booted to Green at the 13.
    If you had told anyone that Miami would not make another 1st down the rest of the game, they would have called you crazy.
    Flynn led an efficient drive that added three points to LSU's lead. Addai started with a 19y run through LT. Flynn then tossed to TE David Jones open in the right flat to the 41. Joseph wiggled up the middle to midfield before Matt found Jones again to the 34. Two more Addai rambles moved the sticks to the 22. But a pass to FB Jacob Hester circling out of the backfield sailed just off his fingertips in the right corner of the EZ. Green took a direct snap to the 20. On 3rd-and-8, S Brandon Meriweather roared up the middle and sacked Flynn to bring on Jackson. Chris boomed a 47-yarder. LSU 13 Miami 3 (4:57)
    Miami went backwards on its possession thanks to a 9y sack by Oliver on 3rd and 4. Melvin ran halfway across the field before leveling Wright from behind.
    With all three of its timeouts, LSU started from its 30 with under four minutes to play after an excellent kick by Monroe. Flynn threw an arching pass to Bowe, who caught the ball between two defenders and raced to the UM 36. Addai then stutter-stepped to the 29. Joe ran twice more to the 22 for another 1st down. Under heavy pressure, Flynn threw the ball away on 1st down with 0:57 on the clock. Matt threw an out pattern to Bowe who made a lunging catch at the 11. Davis then took a short pass across the middle to the 3 before Miles took his first timeout. Hoping to hold LSU to a FG, Miami stuffed Addai for no gain, forcing a second timeout at the 0:23 mark. Fisher came up with a great call. From the shotgun, Flynn faked a handoff to Green coming left and flipped to Addai coming out of the backfield to the right. Bowe had taken the CB into the EZ to free Joe to take the pass and run into the EZ. LSU 20 Miami 3 (0:18)
    Miami took a knee after the kickoff and headed to the locker room to regroup after a disastrous Q2 .

    Addai scores after catching pass from Flynn.
The halftime statistics showed LSU with a 310-150y edge in offense and 18 minutes of possession time to Miami's 12.
Miles explained afterward what his staff talked about during the lengthy halftime. We made some defensive mistakes in the first half, and we really tried to address those mistakes. Offensively, we wanted to continue what were doing - make more plays ...
Coker said LSU hadn't done anything surprising. But his team hadn't played with energy or enthusiasm. He told his players to make up their minds what they wanted to do. Come out and either be embarrassed or be men and play up.
  • Q3: The Hurricanes started with three incomplete passes, one of which was dropped by Leggett, and punted. Green made a fair catch at the LSU 47.
    The Tiger offense picked up right where they left off in the first half as their re­ceivers and runners consistently gained more yardage after contact. Addai quick-footed for 6 and 7y to pick up a 1st down. On 2nd-and-12, the Flynn-Davis combo struck again for 11y to the 31. Needing only 1 on third down, Joe followed FB Kevin Steltz through the line middle, ran over freshman DB Kenny Phillips, and fought off three more Canes for 25y to the 6. Flynn let him finish the drive with a pitchout around LE. LSU 27 Miami 3 (11:54)
    Needing to sustain a drive to stay alive, the Canes instead went three-and-out again. SLB Ali Highsmith and Oliver tackled Wright after a 3y gain when he couldn't find a receiver.
    Highsmith had extra motivation to play well in the game. He grew up in Miami and dreamed of playing football at Miami like his two cousins, Alonzo and Fred Highsmith. Ali signed with UM in February 2003 but was declared academical­ly ineligible and sat out the 2003 season before enrolling at LSU in January 2004. During the two weeks of practice for the Peach Bowl, Ali wore his MIAMI sweatshirt. I've been wearing it all year long, but nobody really paid attention to it until now, he said. I wear it to keep me motivated, he claimed but some thought he did it to fire up his teammates as well. I just hoped that I would get a chance to play against them to let them see what they lost. Somebody up there was listening to my prayers.
    Oliver, ending his LSU career with a bang, made the tackle on the next play also. Then an incompletion brought out the punter. An illegal block on Green's punt return pushed LSU back to their 43.
    The Tigers extended their streak of scoring possessions to six with a nine-play drive. Facing 3rd-and-2, Hester pushed for 7y to move the chains. Then Jacob knifed for 10 for another 1st down with a 15y face mask penalty tacked on to the 17.

    Hester knifes through one of the many big holes the O-line opened.
    Two plays later, Flynn threw a pass to Hester out of the backfield to the 2.
    Addai left the field briefly with cramps but returned at the start of Q4.
    The Hurricanes finally showed some backbone at that point and made the Ti­gers work for the remaining ground. Hester gained only 5' in two smashes. From a bunched formation, Flynn tried to sneak but went nowhere. However, Miami was called for lining up offside. So Hester dove over RG into the EZ. LSU 34 Miami 3 (5:27)

    Jacob Hester over the top for the TD.
    Devin Hester finally got a chance to return a kick to put the ball on the 23. With a penalty and a 3rd down sack by Claude Wroten, the Canes punted from the 18.
    The next LSU scoring drive started from their 31. Hester roared around LE for 13y with another face mask violation moving the pigskin to the 49. Then LSU ran the same play off the left side behind blocking by Steltz, Whitworth, and Jones for another 20y. But the next three rushes picked up a net of only 1y. So Jackson came in for a FG try from the 36. But it was a fake. Flynn took the snap and ran an option play to the left, pitching to Chris who ran for 12y to the 17. After a rest, Hester picked up 3 as the quarter expired.
    LSU held the Hurricanes to zero 1st downs during the period and outgained them 151-1. The Tigers increased their time of possession lead by controlling the ball for 11 of the 15 minutes.
  • Q4: Flynn finally threw a pass but, under pressure, didn't connect with Hester. Matt threw an inside screen to Addai for just a single yard. So. after a substitu­tion infraction by LSU, Colt David booted a 35y three-pointer. LSU 37 Miami 3 (13:59)
    Greg Cote wrote in The Miami Herald: The Great Unleashing of Devin Hester came and went like the UM season: with a fizzle where the sizzle ought to have been. ... Heck, Hester wasn't even the best Hester on the field. LSU's thor­oughly uncelebrated backup FB, Jacob Hester, had a greater impact. UM's Hester had a negligible seven runs for 28y, two catches, and dumbfoundingly was on the sideline for several big plays, including two third-and-1s - a missile in the silo.
    The only suspense was whether Miami would make another 1st down. They didn't do it on their next possession when two runs gained 7, but Wright's 3rd down pass gained only 2 of the needed 3y. Green got loose on the punt return for 23y to the UM 46 and, for once, no flag fell.

    Willie Cooper (28) corrals Green after Skyler's 23y return.
    Facing 3rd-and-6, Flynn dropped to throw but used his feet again for 21y up the middle to the 21. Two snaps later, Green zipped about RE past the 1st down marker but fumbled backward. Two Canes had a shot at the ball, but it went out of bounds at the 23. Then Bryan Pata flew in from his LE position to sack Flynn for a loss of 10. So Jackson tried his second 50-yarder of the evening and this time got it to extend LSU's scoring possession streak to eight. LSU 40 Miami 3 (8:20)
    Backup DT Glenn Dorsey roared up the middle to sack Wright for a loss of 10. Two plays later, sub LB E. J. Kuale got himself a sack.
    Two 2y runs and an incompletion led to LSU's first punt since Q1. Only they didn't punt. Craig Steltz took the direct snap but got only half the 6y needed to move the chains.
    Redshirt freshman Kirby Freeman came in at QB as Miami had the ball in LSU territory for the first time since their opening drive of the game. Previously, they had not gone past their own 29 in the second half. Even with an offside on LSU, the Canes couldn't attain the coveted 1st down. On 3rd-and-5, Freeman threw his first pass woefully short, and CB Jonathan Zenon intercepted at the 22 and returned 15y. It was the first turnover of the game.
    Hester ran twice and Kevin Steltz once to gain the 10y needed to get a new set of downs. That allowed Flynn to take a knee twice as the Tigers gave Les Miles a Gatorade bath on the sideline.
    LSU held the Hurricanes without a 1st down for the final 40 minutes of the game.

Statistics and Wrapup

  • The win was both LSU's largest in a bowl game and Miami's worst bowl defeat.
  • The three points were the Hurricanes' fewest since a 47-0 shutout in 1997 at the hands of Florida State.
  • Flynn was voted the offensive MVP. He went 13-for-22 for 196y and two TDs and no INTs against the NCAA's No. 1-ranked pass defense. Matt also picked up 59y rushing on four scrambles.
  • LSU had 468y of offense to just 153 for the Hurricanes.
  • Miami went the final 41 minutes of the contest without a 1st down and man­aged just 2y in the second half.
  • LSU held a 26-6 edge in 1st downs and controlled the ball for 39 minutes to 21 for the Canes.
  • Addai ran for 130y on 24 carries.
  • Skyler Green's 46y in punt returns gave him 1,064 for his career to rank sec­ond behind Domanick Davis's 1,126.
Coach Coker reported that two of his players were knocked unconscious shortly after the game.
  • Coker said, I don't know what happened, and I don't condone it. That's not how we operate. Obviously it detracts from the bowl game and what the spirit of college football is all about.
  • LSU WR Dwayne Bowe apparently ignited the altercation when, moments after the game, he took a football from a young Hurricanes ballboy and started running toward the LSU locker room. About 20 UM players chased him, pouring into the tunnel leading to the LSU locker room. There was shouting and push­ing as police with riot control wands moved into the tunnel to try to quell the melee.
  • A Miami official said Bowe took his helmet off in the tunnel and swung it at UM lineman Andrew Bain, hitting him in the helmet.
  • LSU fans in the stands above the tunnel threw ice and cups on the UM players during the scrum as assistant coaches from both teams tried to separate the teams.
  • LSU T Andrew Whitworth said the altercation stemmed from a misunder­standing. Bowe, a Miami native, was kidding with a Miami player at the end of the game, and that other UM players misinterpreted the exchange. A skirmish started. We tried to break it up, and it just got out of hand. It was a bunch of craziness, and it all actually started with the guys playing around.
  • LSU's Jacob Hester said trash talking, some involving Bowe, began as good-natured fun. We had a guy who was from Miami (Bowe) who was kid­ding around with one of his boys. Miami thought it was something serious. They came in the tunnel, and they were swinging, but it was just a joke be­tween friends.
  • Coach Miles said the incident made for a messy ending to the game. It really did surprise me to find out there was a problem. I saw a lot of sports­manship during the game. It was unfortunate that a game that was played so well had something like that happen at the end.
  • After a few minutes, the LSU players returned to the field to celebrate with fans and continue their tradition of singing the Alma Mater.
  • UM AD Paul Dee called the incident inappropriate. We're sorry and apologize to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl for anything that happened.

Confrontation in the tunnel after the game.


  • Miles: I am so happy for this team with everything they went through this season. They come into the final game of the season with a new QB, a very capable, confident young man. And they con­trolled the line of scrimmage for him and played dominant defense.
    On his QB's performance: Matt's a very capable QB. It didn't surprise me. We had great confidence in Matt. He competed very strongly for the QB job at the beginning of the year. No way did we think this would be an unusual outing for him. We saw the throws he made all year. We never doubted for a minute he would have a calm and a comfort under center. ... I thought our offensive line put together a great game. They came out to make a difference, and that's just what they did.
    On his defense: I anticipated that our defense would give Miami fits. Once LSU took the lead early in Q3, Les said, The way our defense was playing, there was no way they were coming back. Offen­sively we just wanted to keep doing what we had been. It was working.
  • Flynn praised his teammates. They made it easy for me. It's easy when it's always second-and-two, third-and-short. The offensive line made that possible. ... I'm very proud of this team, very proud of the offense. It all kind of clicked very well tonight. Once I got my feet under me, I was just trying to get the ball to the athletes around me. I think all of us knew on the sidelines we could move the ball on them. ... After those first couple of drives, we knew we could move the ball on them. We started finishing those drives. ...


  • Coker: This could have been a great game. LSU met their part of the bargain, and we didn't. We didn't play the whole game. The way we took the field tonight, the outcome would be inevitable.
    On Matt Flynn: We knew he was a good player. He didn't have experience, but he had a month to practice as a first-team player.
    About 10 minutes after the doors to the Miami locker room were closed for a team meeting, de­fensive linemen Baraka Atkins and Kareem Brown stormed out of the locker room in under­shirts and started walking down a hallway. A UM assistant coach yelled, "Get back in here!" as he chased them into the hallway. Atkins and Brown kept walking. "It's my teammate, man, it's my teammate," one of them shouted. Georgia State Patrol officers started filling the hallway as other personnel with the Miami program went after Atkins and Brown and coaxed them back into the locker room.

Tigers receive trophy and celebrate with their fans.
LSU had another excellent year in 2006, finishing 11-2 to earn a #4 final ranking after thumping Notre Dame 41-14 in the Sugar Bowl. Then, in 2007, the Tigers won the BCS Championship.
As for Miami, Devin Hester spoiled Coach Coker's plans for him by declaring for the 2006 NFL Draft. The '06 Hurricanes continued their bowl streak by defeating Boston College in the final game before only 23,308 at the Orange Bowl to finish 6-6. But that wasn't good enough to save Coker's job. AD Paul Dee fired him with three years remaining on his contract. The Canes were involved in a sideline-clearing brawl with Florida International October 14 that led to the suspension of 13 UM players.

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