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The First Bluegrass Miracle
Marcus Randall's Hail Mary pass to Devery Henderson on the last play of the 2002 LSU-Kentucky is one of the most famous plays in college football history. But LSU also pulled out a squeaker at Commonwealth Stadium the year before to turn their 2001 season around.

Nick Saban

Kelly Washington

Rex Grossman

Guy Morriss

Shane Boyd

Rohan Davey

Josh Reed

Jerel Myers

LaBrandon Toefield

Joe Domingeaux

John Corbello

Kendrick Allen

Bradie James

Damien James

Michael Clayton

Dominick Davis

Jared Lorenzen

Aaron Boone

Trev Faulk

Dennis Johnson

Derek Abney

Derek Tatum

Nick Saban's second LSU team started poorly despite being the consensus choice to win the SEC West.
  • After romps over Tulane and Utah State by a combined 48 points, the Tigers stumbled twice in SEC games after the Auburn game was postponed to the first Saturday of December because of 9/11.
  • #7 Tennessee knocked off the Tigers 26-18 before over 108,000 in Neyland Stadium. Then Steve Spurrier brought his #2 Gators to Tiger Stadium and chomped LSU 44-15.
  • Most alarmingly, the defense, supposedly Saban's strong suit, was gashed.
    Tennessee: Rushing 139y, Passing 309y, Total Offense: 77 plays, 448y
    Florida: Rushing 128y, Passing 504y, Total Offense: 67 plays, 632y
  • In back-to-back weeks, LSU allowed the most receiving yards in Tennessee history (256 by Kelley Washington) and the most passing yards by a QB in Florida history (464 by Rex Grossman).

Analyzing his team's problems, Saban sounded themes that have become so familiar 16 years later.

  • I have preached to this team that sometimes you focus on the outcome so much that you forget about the process and how important it is to do things correctly. I wanted to make sure that it didn't happen to our team, and so far it looks like it has.
  • I like the fact that we learned things about how a really good football team, probably one of the best couple of football teams in the country, takes care of business, dominates the game from start to finish and never looks back. That's what we aspire to be, that's what we want our football team to be, and that's what we're working on trying to accomplish and to build.
  • Being more specific, Nick added: As a team on defense, we haven't done a good job of pressuring the QB with four guys. We haven't done a good job with coverage discipline at times. We've had to change some personnel on the back end because of injuries and so forth, and some of the inexperience is showing up at times.

Kentucky looked like just the tonic to cure the Tiger ills.

  • The Mildcats had won only one of their first five games, and that was over Ball State. The losses came at the hands of Louisville, Florida, Ole Miss, and South Carolina, the first three in Commonwealth Stadium.
  • To make matters worst, Guy Morriss's first UK squad had been bitten hard by the injury bug. Five starters were expected to miss the LSU game - two offensive linemen, RB Chad Scott, and a S and DT.
  • After seeing how UF and UT riddled the LSU secondary, Morriss sounded an ominous note when he declared that he planned to open up the passing game against the Tigers.
  • None of those negative facts dissuaded Saban from spouting coachspeak with a straight face. I think Kentucky is the most dangerous team we've played to this point in the season. (Had he forgotten Tennessee and Florida?) Referring to the fact that the Tigers had lost 12 of their last 13 conference games away from Tiger Stadium, Nick continued. Playing on the road is a real challenge for us. They have an outstanding athlete playing QB (Shane Boyd) who can make a lot of plays. I'm sure they are looking to bounce back and play well. I think it's going to be a heck of a football game.
  • Nick had injury problems of his own. A sack forced QB Rohan Davey to leave the Florida game with a bruised patella tendon. Rohan had practiced sparingly during the week. If he couldn't go, 23-year-old redshirt freshman Matt Mauck would get the call.
    A star baseball and football player at Jasper, Indiana, Mauck was recruited by Saban when Nick coached at Michigan State . But Matt decided to pursue a baseball career. Three years in the minors convinced him to return to football.
  • Starting CB Robert Davis had been lost for the season with a knee injury in the Florida game, and reserve RB Devery Henderson would miss the game in Lexington with a bad ankle.
  • It would turn out that Saban's prediction about "a heck of a football game," which sounded preposterous at the time, was right on target.

Quarter 1

  • With a drizzle coming down on the homecoming crowd of 52,471, the Wildcats made one first down with the opening kickoff when 6'2" 230 lb Shane Boyd broke out of the pocket for 15y. But a short run, an incompletion, and a futile screen pass forced a punt.
  • Rohan Davey took the field with the offense.
    Saban made the decision to start Rohan after pregame workouts. I knew I was going to play, Davey said after the game. The only way I won't play in a game is if both my legs are broken. If one is broken, I can always line up in the shotgun and throw the ball away before they get to me.
    A 28y connection to Josh Reed on 3rd-and-10 gave LSU a first down at their 49. On the next 3rd-and-10, Davey came through again, hitting SE Jerel Myers for 27y to the UK 35. With the defense on its heels, Davey handed to LaBrandon Toefield who roared down the right sideline behind an excellent block from TE Joe Domingueaux to the EZ. John Corbello converted. LSU 7 Kentucky 0 (9:24)
    The TD run vaulted Toefield over the 1000y mark for his LSU career.
  • Seeing Florida's success throwing to their TE down the middle of the LSU defense the week before, Kentucky did the same, Boyd hitting 6'6" 265lb Derek Smith for 30y to the UK 49. Two plays later, the other TE was wide open in the center of the field but the ball went through his hands. After Boyd was sacked, UK punted into the EZ.
  • In a carbon copy of the previous possession, Davey hit Reed again on 3rd down. Josh gained most of the 30y with hard running after the catch. A 5y incidental facemask penalty put the ball on the UK 40. After an incompletion, Toefield picked up 9, then 1 to move the chains. Copying what previous opponents had done to take advantage of the small inside LBs in the Blue and White defense, the Tigers ran the same two plays up the middle for the same gains and another first down. But on 3rd-and-2, Toefield took a toss and did well to get back to the line of scrimmage. So Corbello took the field and, after a delay of game, booted a 26y FG with the wind. LSU 10 Kentucky 0 (1:13)
  • The UK possession started badly with a kickoff return to the 16 and an intentional grounding that put the ball on the 3. After a dropped pass in the flat, Boyd tried to pass from the EZ again, but LDE Kendrick Allen jumped up and batted it down. But a holding penalty on the Wildcats gave the Tigers a safety. LSU 12 Kentucky 0 (0:48)
  • The Tigers started their next possession on their 45 after Reed returned the free kick 16y. Davey immediately hit Clayton running across the field to the UK 34.
    The Tigers gained 180y in the first 15 minutes to Kentucky's 54.

Quarter 2

  • The Wildcat defense finally showed some life, sacking Davey at the LSU 48. After a screen to Toefield moved the ball back to the UK 36, Corbello tried a 54y FG into the wind that was long enough but just wide left.
    Working exclusively from the shotgun with spread receivers, Boyd hit Dougie Allen on 3rd-and-2 for 20y to the LSU 35. After three plays gained 5, the Wildcats went for it on 4th. The UK line picked up the blitzers and Boyd found H-back Chase Harp over the middle for a 1st down at the 22. Boyd hit a WR, Aaron Boone, who pushed through six Tigers before the James boys, LB Bradie and CB Damien, pushed him out at the 8. But with less space to spread the Tigers vertically, the Wildcats could gain only 2 more and settled for Seth Hansen's 23y FG. LSU 12 Kentucky 3 (10:42)
  • On the second play from scrimmage, Davey threw a simple swing pass to former RB Reed who broke loose for a 49y gain all the way to the UK 13. After two Toefield runs gained 3, Reed went across the middle and cleared space for WR Michael Clayton to follow him and catch the wet ball on the goal line and fall into the EZ to complete the 70y five-play drive. LSU 19 Kentucky 3 (8:00)
  • The home team finally put together a sustained drive. Rolling out and throwing quickly to avoid the rush, Boyd passed the Wildcats to four first downs to the LSU 26. Then he ran a QB draw to the 13. Darn if he didn't run the same play again into the EZ. LSU 19 Kentucky 10 (3:23)
  • Starting from the 35 after the kickoff went out of bounds, the Tigers got on the board again before halftime. Davey started with back-to-back completions to Reed 11 and Myers, who made an outstanding catch reaching across the sideline while keeping a foot inbounds at the 32. After a short run by Toefield and a 1y toss to TE Marcus Spears, Davey's string of seven straight completions ended. So Corbello tried a 46-yarder against the win that just sneaked in. LSU 22 Kentucky 10 (1:16)
    The catch was Spears' first. He was switched to DE the following year, a move that propelled him to an eight-year NFL career
    On UK's second play, Damien James stepped in front of a pass at the 37 to give LSU another chance to get points in the final 1:05. But Davey dashed those hopes by throwing into coverage and into the hands of DB Patrick Wiggins at the 14.
    The pick was Kentucky's first of the season.
    Davey: I threw an interception before half that was totally uncalled for.
    The Tigers used up all three of their timeouts to force a punt, but the kick sailed 50y to the Tiger 33. Two plays later the half ended.
    Davey ended the half 10-of-15 for 215y.

Quarter 3

  • The Tigers started simple after Myers returned the kickoff to the 29. Toefield carried three straight times for 11y to move the chains. But when Davey went back to pass, he threw the ball right to Chris Gayton who returned it 14y to the LSU 31.
    Concerned that Kentucky was reading their offensive signals from the sidelines, LSU had backup QB Matt Mauck "shadow" signal the calls on the field alongside RB coach Mike Haywood.
  • Boyd hit a wide open Brad Pyatt for 8. Then Artose Pinner gained 1. Boyd tried a sneak but lost a yard. Eschewing the FG, the Cats went for it on 4th down, and Pinner gained 4 to the 19. But then it was Boyd's turn to throw an INT, Damien James snaring his second of the evening at the 1 and scampering to the 14.
    No one knew it at the time, but Boyd's second INT would change the whole complexion of the game.
  • Workhorse Toefield burst 18y. After a false start made it 1st-and-15, LaBrandon ripped off 11, then 2. On 3rd down, Toefield took a flare pass and gained a 1st down at the UK 49. But he had to come out of the game with blood on his elbow and knee. Davis, displaying his skills on both sides of the ball, took over at TB and gained 7 on two carries. Toefield returned but was stuffed on 3rd down. Donny Jones's punt sailed into the EZ.
  • Coach Morriss sent in southpaw Jared Lorenzen at QB with 6:00 left in the period.
    Selected Mr. Football in the state of Kentucky his senior year of high school at Fort Thomas, the 6'4" 308 lb Lorenzen redshirted his first year at Kentucky, then set six NCAAA freshman passing records in 2000 in Hal Mumme's spread offense. But after the coaching change, Jared lost his job to Boyd in the preseason despite showing up at a svelte 265.
    The sophomore wasted no time moving the Cats to the EZ. He started with a pass to Pyatt for 7. After a deep incompletion, he spread out five receivers and ran a QB draw to the 37 for a first down as the crowd came to life. Jared next lofted a fade to Tommy Cook for 32y over CB Erin Damond. Ignoring a flag that was dropped on the next snap, Lorenzen fired deep down the left sideline to slot receiver Boone for a TD. 80y in five plays. The penalty against LSU for offside was declined. LSU 22 Kentucky 17 (4:16)
    Lorenzen: I was able to watch and get comfortable with LSU's defensive tendencies. I knew when I got in the game that we could get some corner routes to work. Once LSU started to fly back, we hit some passes underneath. I felt comfortable sitting and watching because I could see what would work. Coming off the sidelines was the best-case scenario for me.
    MLB Trev Faulk on the flag: We stopped. You can't do that.
  • The fired-up Kentucky kicking team swarmed Myers at the 16. To make matters worse, an illegal block moved the ball to the 7. On 1st down, 6'7" 260 lb DE Dennis Johnson, UK's best d-lineman, roared through and dropped Toefield as soon as he got the handoff at the 2. After short completion to Clayton for 4, Davey flared to Toefield for 17y and a 1st down at the 22. Perhaps favoring the aching knee on his left (plant) leg, Rohan threw behind a wide open Robert Royal. He hit Corey Webster for 6 to the 28 but an illegal block moved the Tigers back to the 18.
    Webster would be another Tiger who would benefit from a change of position that enabled him to become an NFL CB.
    After Davis gained 2, Davey threw another poor pass, but Clayton reached down and behind him to grab the pigskin and get the first down at the 35. Dominick gained 7 on the last play of the period.

Quarter 4

  • Pressured by Johnson on a rollout, Davey threw toward Royal, who knocked the ball away from the defender. On 3rd-and-3, Rohan went to old reliable Reed for a 1st down at the UK 49. Davis ran hard for 8 before Toefield lost 3. Then Davey completed his fourth straight 3rd-down pass, just before he got decked to Clayton for 10y to edge into FG range. On 1st down from the 34, Reed let a pass into the EZ slip away. Johnson sacked Davey but grabbed the face mask. However, LSU was guilty of holding. No play. A quick completion to Reed made it 3rd-and-3. But an illegal procedure flag cost the Tigers 5y. Davey couldn't find a receiver, and Johnson got to him for a loss of 4. As he had several times before, the LSU QB got up limping. Jones's punt over the goal in the air ended the 16-play, 58y drive that consumed 8:26.
    Lorenzen picked up where he left off on his first possession. He zipped one to Derek Smith for 23y to the 43. Jared ran a draw right through LSU's blitz on the next play to midfield. 1st down.
    Saban: They ran all those QB draws out of empty (formation). It was a tough combination to try and cover all the guys in empty and have a big guy like him and still have enough guys left in the box to stop them.
    Facing 3rd-and-6 from UK 47, Lorenzen rolled left and fired a pass to Derek Abney, who escaped the tackler and ran to the 23, where Damien James made the stop. The Tiger rush forced Lorenzen to throw a long one out of the EZ. On the next snap, Jared threw quickly to avoid the blitz. Abney took the ball over the middle and, picking up several blocks, ran to pay dirt to give the home team its first lead of the evening. Ahead by one, the Wildcats went for 2 and made it on a lob to Smith in the EZ. Another 80y drive but this one in six plays instead of eight. KENTUCKY 25 LSU 22 (8:28)
    Bradie James on Lorenzen: It seemed like they were more confident and more comfortable with him. The whole game changed. With Boyd in the game, if the coverage was good, he'd just take off and run. But Lorenzen would buy time. He would take off to buy time and then throw it, and he was hard to bring down. Several times I had him in my grasp, but he was still able to throw the ball.
  • Myers once again tried to return a kickoff from the goal line but was stopped at the 11. Needing to at least move out from the shadow of the goal, the Tigers instead went three-and-out, netting only 5y on two runs and an incompletion. Jones picked a good time to boom his best punt of the night - 68y to the 16.
  • With all the momentum of their side, the UK offense moved into LSU territory for the third straight time. With the Tigers on their heel from the passing barrage, Pinner ran three consecutive carries for 19, 4, and 5. On 3rd-and-1 at the 45, Lorenzen sneaked to the 47 to move the chains. He also ran the next two plays to set up a crucial 3rd-and-1 as LSU called its first timeout with 3:34 on the clock. Lorenzen faked a pass and, while being tackled by Bradie James at the UK 43, threw the ball away. LSU screamed for intentional grounding to no avail.
    LSU did not call a blitz on the 3rd down play. LB Bradie James: I knew he was going to run it. So I said to hell with it and ran in and was able to stop it. Yeah, it was kind of a blitz. I was really just ad-libbing.
    Morriss: We wanted to run on that play. But they shuffled their linebackers inside. It was a good call by us; we just didn't block it right.
    James, who originally lined up at regular depth behind the line: I was trying to hold my disguise long enough. Then I walked up to the line at the last minute, and they didn't account for me. It was wide open. I just thought he'd run it because he was sneaking on us a lot, and it was really costing us.
    Lorenzen throwing the ball away instead of taking the sack and forcing LSU to use a timeout ended up costing Kentucky the game.
    Morriss then made a decision that would be second-guessed after the game. He sent in the punting unit. Glenn Pakulak's kick sailed into the EZ.
  • LSU started at its 20 with 3:18 showing and two timeouts left. Its season was on the line. Lose to Kentucky and have no hope to winning the SEC West with three defeats and tougher foes waiting down the schedule. What followed was one of the great clutch drives in LSU history.
    --From the shotgun, Davey threw a screen to Toefield who got out of bounds after a 7y gain. --Johnson struck again, dropping Toefield for a loss of 1.
    --Davey connected with Clayton for 14 to the 40.
    --Going no-huddle against a tired defense, Davey rolled left and hit Myers who went out of bounds at the 47.
    --Another completion over the middle to Reed to the UK 44.
    --Reed again, pulling tacklers with him out of bounds at the 27.
    --Davey made a play-action fake but couldn't find a receiver and was sacked for a loss of 9 by Ellery Moore. Timeout LSU (1:08 left)
    --On 2nd-and-19, a shotgun pass to Clayton to the 18.
    --Davey to Clayton again to the 10. 1st down
    --Davey decided to run to the 1. Final timeout LSU (0:23)
    --Finding no one open, Davey wisely threw the ball out of the back of the EZ.
    --A whistle stopped the next play when RT Jason Baggett moved on the right side. 3rd-and-Goal from the 6. Did that help the Tigers by giving them more depth to run pass patterns?
    --With Kentucky concerned with Reed slanting in, Clayton (6'4") got inside CB Derek Tatum (6'), and Davey threaded a pass just out of the reach of LB Morris Lane for the TD!
    Clayton: I set him up to the outside. I took one step in and shielded him away.
    --Corbello's PAT capped the 80y, 12-play drive.
    LSU 29 KENTUCKY 25 (0:13)
    The TD catch was Clayton's fourth on the drive and ninth for the game for a total of 105y. He was living up to his billing by rating services as the nation's top prep receiver coming out of high school.
    Clayton on Davey: Rohan comes into the huddle with confidence. What he brings out there is the thought that we're going to do it. Basically, he said at the start of the drive that we've got to do it.
  • Corbello popped up the kick. The ball hit the ground at the 15 and was knocked out of bounds at the 11. LSU rushed only three and Lorenzen threw incomplete to Smith far down the field. Timeout UK with four ticks left.
    How far could strong-armed QB throw the ball? He slung a desperation heave far downfield but the ball fell incomplete.



  • Saban on starting Davey: Ro practiced on Wednesday, and I thought that no question he would be able to play. On Thursday, there was some soreness in the knee, and he didn't practice as effectively. If he didn't get better, it would be tough for him to compete. He was better Friday.
    On the ugly win: Sometimes you've got to win games this way, and I'm just proud as heck of our players. When you play on the road, a win's a win. Our players are really happy about it. It's a great step in a positive direction because we've had a tough month. It's been a long time since we won.
    On giving up 286y through the air: Mental errors in the secondary might keep creeping up forever. I can't wave a magic wand and get rid of them. If I could, I would. ... We've got the same guys. They've got to play better. We have to get them better.
  • Davey on the winning drive: I told them, "This is what 60 minutes is all about, and this is where we bcome a team, right." I told them, "This drive will dictate the rest of our season," and everybody got enthusiastic. Everybody got pumped.
    Rohan said he never hesitated on the final play to throw to Clayton. I never even thought twice about, "Well, he's a freshman, he might do this or might do that." He's a ballplayer, and that's what you do. You step up at times like that. He just made a grat play. He made great plays all night.
  • Reed: Rohan keeps us going. If anybody has a look of doubt on their face, he takes it personally and tries to change it. He has a heart the size of ... I can't even explain it.
  • Clayton on what would have happened if the Tigers hadn't pulled it out. We knew this game would make or break us. ... It would have been hard to get back on our feet. ... Coach said to make plays. That's what they recruited me for.
  • Davis: I knew we were going to score. We trust in the offense. We knew it was just a matter of time. On Lorenzen rallying UK: He just sparked them since he wasn't the starter and came in ready to go. They really didn't do a lot of things differently. We were just getting confused and busting some coverages.
  • Damien James: For a second, I thought we were going to lose it. But our offense went down and did a great job to get it done. They knew what they had to do and did it, but there were a lot of us who were very nervous.
  • Bradie James: We were very close to disaster. A win is a win. You can't categorize whether it's close or it's huge. It's not how we wanted to win, but we pulled it off. We've been trying to put the wheels on the wagon. It's time to get rolling.
  • LB Trev Faulk on Lorenzen: He really didn't do anything differently. The main thing was he kept us off balance with a number of QB draws. And we just didn't do as good a job in the second half as we did in the first. In the second half, we gave them too many second-and-short yardage. But we were ready for the last one. We were expecting it.


  • Morriss rued the missed opportunity to get a big win. It would have been huge. Extra big. ... Our games are really hurting right now. ... To a man, we're upset we didn't win the game ...
    On Lorenzen: Shane started to struggle. Jared put the ball on the money and got us going. I think he came in and performed like we thought he could.
    On Clayton's winning TD grab: That's a tough route to stop anyway. And it's so tough with the receivers they've got and the QB they've got.
  • Lorenzen: I have mixed emotions about tonight's game. I am glad that I was able to get in there and help this team out, but obviously we wanted to come out with a win. Rohan Davey is a great QB and LSU is a great team. Unfortunately, they are the ones who get to walk away with the win tonight.
  • Dennis Johnson: We let them go 80 yards and nobody made a play. Somebody has to make a play.

The victory in Lexington did indeed salvage the LSU season. The Tigers won six of their last seven games. But they needed some help to attain their goal of winning the West.

  • After losing to Ole Miss at home 35-24 October 27, Saban's squad needed the Rebels, 3-1 in the SEC, to lose three more games.
  • 4-1 Auburn had to lose two more to set up the December 1 showdown postponed by 9/11 in Tiger Stadium for the West title.
  • Amazingly, all that came to pass, and LSU roared over the visiting Tigers 27-14.
  • Then they upset Tennessee in a rematch in Atlanta for the championship.
  • The unexpected season ended with a 47-34 thrashing of Illinois in the Sugar Bowl to earn a #7 ranking in the final AP poll.
The 2001 success planted the seeds for LSU's fabulous 2003 season when they won the SEC and the BCS Championship.

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