How Would You Rule? –XIV
You are presented with a situation that actually occurred or might occur in a game. To play along, decide how you would rule or score. Then click the button to find out what either the umpires or the official scorer actually decided.
Grand Slam Lost

Situation: July 4, 1976 - The Phillies have the bases loaded with nobody out in a game at Pittsburgh. Tim McCarver hits a long fly. Thinking the ball might be caught, the runner on 1st, Garry Maddox, goes back to tag up. Watching his clout go over the fence, McCarver passes his teammate, and 1B umpire Ed Vargo gives the out sign. How is the play scored?

Reference: "When baserunners pass each other, who's out?", Rule Review, Rich Marazzi, USA Today Sports Weekly, July 21-27, 2010