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From the Golden Archives Vince Lombardi, Basketball Coach
Football Short Story Innovators and the Rough Rider
Baseball Short Story Lasorda & God and Ott Was Ready
Pivotal World Series Plays 1954 - Willie's Catch and Dusty's Home Run
Baseball Quiz Birthplaces of Louisiana Hall of Famers
LSU Short Story Sparky Wade: A Legend of His Era
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Basketball Snapshot - Vince Lombardi, Basketball Coach

The 1908 National League pennant race has gotten much attention because of the "Bonehead Merkle Game." But the American League staged a barnburner that year too.

  Football Short Story
Innovators and the Rough Rider

President Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed attending the Army-Navy game. But the violence of football led him to initiate changes.

Baseball Short Story

Tommy Lasorda & God

"I never prayed on the pitchers mound but this time ...

Ott Was Ready

The Senators thought they had Mel scouted for the 1933 World Series.

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 Pivotal World Series Plays
1954 - Willie's Catch and Dusty's Home Run

The Giants were heavy underdogs to the Indians, who just won 111 games. But key plays by their centerfielder and ace pinch hitter started the Big Apple team on a sweep.

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  Baseball Quiz

Both questions are inspired by the Hall of Fame's 2020 Yearbook which, as a member, I received this week.

Five members of the Baseball Hall of Fame were born in Louisiana. Match each player with his birthplace.
  1. Willard Brown
  2. Bill Dickey
  3. Ted Lyons
  4. Mel Ott
  5. Lee Smith
  1. Bastrop
  2. Gretna
  3. Jamestown
  4. Lake Charles
  5. Shreveport

Match each Hall of Famer with the country in which he was born. One country is the answer for more than one Hall of Famer.
  1. Bert Blyleven
  2. Vladimir Guerrero
  3. Ferguson Jenkins
  4. Juan Marichal
  5. Tony Perez
  6. Mariano Rivera
  1. Canada
  2. Cuba
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Netherlands
  5. Panama
LSU Short Story

Sparky Wade: A Legend of His Era

Sparky led LSU to the mythical national basketball championship in 1935. He also pioneered trash-talking.

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