Football Quiz: Coaches
Rank these college coaches in order of career wins, from most to least.
  1. Bobby Bowden
  2. Bear Bryant
  3. Joe Paterno
  4. Amos Alonzo Stagg
  5. Pop Warner

Who is the player pictured?

John Gagliardi

Joe Paterno

Which of the following football coaches have won 400 or more games?

  1. Bobby Bowden
  2. John Gagliardi
  3. Joe Paterno
  4. Eddie Robinson
  5. Glenn "Pop" Warner

Eddie Robinson

Pop Warner

The player at the right was a T at Denison University. He went on to become a Hall of Fame coach. Identify him.

George Allen
Match each losing Super Bowl coach with his team.
  1. George Allen
  2. Raymond Berry
  3. John Rauch
  4. Bobby Ross
  5. Sam Wyche
(A) Oakland Raiders 1968
(B) Washington Redskins 1973
(C) New England Patriots 1986
(D) Cincinnati Bengals 1989
(E) San Diego Chargers 1995

Raymond Berry
Youthful Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden grew up in the shadow of what football stadium?

(A) Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville
(B) Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
(C) Grant Field, Atlanta
(D) Legion Field, Birmingham

Bear Bryant
Bear Bryant
Amos Alonzo Stagg
Amos Stagg

Three men have been inducted into the Col­lege Football Hall of Fame as both players and coaches. Which one of the following is not one of the three?

(A) Bear Bryant
(B) Bobby Dodd
(C) Amos Alonzo Stagg
(D) Bowden Wyatt

Bobby Dodd
Bobby Dodd
Bowden Wyatt
Bowden Wyatt
  • The 2012 season was the twelfth for two SEC coaches, tying them for longest tenure at the same school in the league. Who are the two coaches?

  • The 2012 season was the twelfth for two SEC coaches, tying them for longest tenure at the same school in the league. Who are the two coaches?

  • Each coach listed below lost in his only Super Bowl appearance. Match each man with his team.
    1. George Allen
    2. Ray Malavasi
    3. Raymond Berry
    4. Bobby Ross

    (A) New England Patriots
    (B) Washington Redskins
    (C) San Diego Chargers
    (D) Los Angeles Rams

  • Which one of these Super Bowl-winning coaches is not a disciple of Paul Brown. That is, he neither played for nor coached under Brown.

    (A) Don Shula   (B) Bill Walsh   (C) Tom Landry   (D) Chuck Noll


  • Match each man with the college where he holds the record for winningest coach.
    1. Jim Tatum
    2. Woody Hayes
    3. Vince Dooley
    4. John McKay

    (A) Ohio State
    (B) Southern California
    (C) Maryland

  • Match each famous coach on the left with the coach he played for in college. For extra credit, give the college where the famous coach played for his mentor.
  1. Bear Bryant
  2. Bud Wilkinson
  3. Darryl Royal
  4. Frank Leahy

(A) Bernie Bierman
(B) Knute Rockne
(C) Frank Thomas
(D) Bud Wilkinson

  • Match each pro coach with his first name.
    1. "Papa Bear" Halas
    2. "Curly" Lambeau
    3. "Weeb" Ewbank
    4. "The Big Tuna" Parcells

    (A) Earl
    (B) George
    (C) Duane
    (D) Wilber

  • The picture below shows the famous "Seven Blocks of Granite," the line for the Fordham Rams in the late 1930s. What Hall of Fame coach was a member of that line?
     Seven Blocks of Granite
  • Match each Pro Football Hall of Fame coach with the college where he played football.
    1. George Halas
    2. Vince Lombardi
    3. Tom Landry
    4. Don Shula

    (A) Texas
    (B) Fordham
    (C) John Carroll
    (D) Illinois

  • Match each head coach with the team he coaches in 2011.
    1. Gary Pinkel
    2. Steve Sarkisian
    3. Skip Holtz
    4. Brady Hoke
    (A) Washington
    (B) Missouri
    (C) Michigan
    (D) South Florida
  • Match each Big 12 coach with his 2011 team.

    1. Bill Snyder
    2. Gary Pinkel
    3. Paul Rhoads
    4. Art Briles
    (A) Baylor
    (B) Iowa State
    (C) Kansas State
    (D) Missouri
  • Match the coach with the team he led to the Super Bowl.
    1. Jim Fassell
    2. Jon Gruden
    3. Brian Billick
    4. George Seifert
    (A) San Francisco 49ers
    (B) Baltimore Ravens
    (C) New York Giants
    (D) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • What is former Saints coach "Bum" Phillips' given first name?

    (A) Wilfred   (B) Oial   (C) Andrew   (D) Wade

  • Match each head coach with the college he worked for before his current school.

    1. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas
    2. Mack Brown, Texas
    3. Ron Zook, Illinois
    4. Dennis Erickson, Arizona State

    (A) Florida
    (B) Idaho
    (C) North Carolina
    (D) Louisville

  • Each 2009 college coach below came to his school from the NFL. Match each with the pro team he coached right before he returned to the college game.

    1. Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh
    2. Mike Sherman, Texas A&M
    3. Lane Kiffin, Tennessee
    4. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas

    (A) Oakland Raiders
    (B) Miami Dolphins
    (C) Atlanta Falcons
    (D) Green Bay Packers

  • With Bobby Bowden's retirement, there are only two Division IA head coaches who have been at their current schools more than 20 years. One, of course, is Joe Paterno of Penn State. Who is the other?

  • Bobby Bowden holds the FBS record for most consecutive 10-win seasons. How many straight 10-win seasons did he record?

    (A) 11 (B) 12 (C) 13 (D) 14
  • Put these Alabama coaches in chronological order from earliest to latest.

    Gene Stallings, Ray Perkins, Bill Curry, Mike Dubose

  • The head coaches in the BCS Championship Games following the 2006, 2007, and 2008 seasons were all born in the same state (with Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer each coaching in two of the games). With less than 4% of the country's population, that state has produced 15% of college football's major conference head coaches. Which state is it?

  • Which one of these SEC coaches was never a head coach in the NFL?
    (A) Steve Spurrier (B) Rich Brooks (C) Urban Meyer (D) Lane Kiffin

  • The largest margin of victory in an NCAA football game was 222-0 by Georgia Tech over Cumberland College in 1916. Who was the Georgia Tech coach who is still famous to this day?

  • Which coach won the most Southeastern Conference championships at each of these schools?
    (A) Georgia (B) Tennessee (C) Auburn (D) Ole Miss

  • Match each coach on the left with the college where he played football.
  1. Frank Broyles
  2. Joe Paterno
  3. Bo Schembechler
  4. Vince Dooley
  5. Frank Leahy

A. Miami (OH)
B. Auburn
C. Georgia Tech
D. Notre Dame
E. Brown

  • Only one Alabama football coach was born in the state. Which one?

  • Auburn won the national championship in 1957. Who was the Tigers' coach that year? Answer

  • Who wrote these words?

    "I loved Woody Hayes. I am not ashamed to say it. In the 37 years I knew him, he coached me, humbled me, employed me, angered me, and taught me more about the game than anyone could. I guess I was about as close to him as anyone, but to the day he died, I never considered myself his equal."




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