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Football Quiz: Bowls
  • Match each 2011 bowl with the city in which it is played.
    1. Little Caesars Bowl
    2. Belk Bowl
    3. New Era Pinstripe Bowl
    4. Insight Bowl

    (A) New York
    (B) Tempe
    (C) Detroit
    (D) Charlotte

  • Which two teams played in the inaugural Sugar Bowl on January 1, 1935?

    (A) Tulane vs Texas A&M
    (B) LSU
    vs Santa Clara
    (C) LSU
    vs TCU
    (D) Tulane
    vs Temple

  • Notre Dame has played in the Rose Bowl once. They won the 1925 game 27-10. Who was the opponent that day?

  • Every college football fan knows the Rose Bowl is by far the oldest bowl game. Which bowls are the second and third oldest?

  • The first International Bowl was played in Toronto on January 6, 2007. This was the first bowl game played outside the U.S. since the Bacardi Bowl in 1937. Where was the Bacardi Bowl played and which schools participated?

  • In 1968 LSU played in the inaugural game of a bowl that continues (under a different name) to this day. Which bowl was it and whom did the Tigers defeat 31-27 in the game?

  • What was the first Big Ten school to play in the Sugar Bowl?

  • Which schools have the most victories in each of these bowl games?
    (A) Orange Bowl (B) Fiesta Bowl

  • One school played in each of the first seven Holiday Bowls in San Diego (1978-1984). Identify that school.