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May 7, 2021


Dallas Cowboy QB Don Meredith once said of his coach: "Tom Landry is such a perfectionist that if he was married to Raquel Welsh, he would expect her to cook."

Tiger Den

LSU vs the Mannings - 2003

The Tigers and Rebels met in Oxford with the SEC West title on the line.

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Saints Saga

Saints Playoff Games - 1991

The Saints met the Falcons for the third time - this time in a Wild Card playoff game.

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Seminole Sidelines

Florida State met Wofford in the 1950 Cigar Bowl.

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Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots

The game was over by halftime.

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Football Story

The 1934 USC Trojans were accused of being toys of Hollywood starlets.

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How Well Do You Know the Rules?

NCAA Targeting Rules

"Tiger" teams

Merger Problems
America's Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation,
Michael MacCambridge (2004)
The NFL and AFL had finally agreed to merge.
There was one more matter left to be dealt with, and that was the task of convincing [New York] Representative Emanuel Celler and the House Judiciary Committee to approve the merger. As the fall wore on and the owners grew increasingly alarmed, it became clear that Celler had no intention of letting the legislation pass. At a hearing in the Rayburn House Office Building on October 11, 1966, Celler upbraided Rozelle ..., refusing to let the bill out of committee.
Rozelle, seeking a way to break the logjam, called his friend David Dixon to see if he knew a North Louisiana congressman on the committee. "For someone as sophisticated as Pete, he was rather naive when it came to politics," said Dixon. "The idea that any congressman from Louisiana was going to be able to change Emanuel Celler's mind about anything was ludicrous."
Dixon had a better idea. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, who'd been a fraternity brother of Dixon's at Tulane, was seeking to regain some popularity after his vote in support of the civil rights bill caused his electoral majority to drop from 67 percent to 55 percent. Dixon sent his political adviser, David Kleck, up to Washington the next day, to impress upon the patrician Boggs, no sports fan, that it would help his cause to push the bill through, especially since doing so would virtually guarantee an NFL franchise in New Orleans.
The NFL had been eying New Orleans for its next franchise anyway. So a thinly veiled quid pro quo was offered - a franchise for New Orleans in exchange for the exemption [from the anti-trust laws] - and Boggs went into action, circumventing Celler by attaching S. 3817 to a budget bill sure to pass in both houses.
The final approval would come October 21. Walking up the stairs of the Rotunda, when the vote looked like a sure thing, Rozelle was his usual humble self. "Congressman Boggs, I don't know how I can ever thank you enough for this. This is a terrific thing you've done."
Boggs had been a veteran of Louisiana too long to let such transparent politesse go unremarked. "What do you mean you don't know how to thank me?" he said. "New Orleans gets an immediate franchise in the NFL."
"I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen," Rozelle assured him.
At that, Boggs stopped and turned on his heels, heading back to the committee room. "Well, we can always call off the vote while you -"
Rozelle took two giant strides after Boggs, turned him gently around and said, "It's a deal, Congressman. You'll get your franchise."
"If this doesn't work out," said the patrician Boggs, by now perturbed, "you will regret this for the rest of your fucking life."
It worked out, signed by another presidential football fan, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who'd taken to ordering highlight reels from NFL Films sent to the movie theater at the White House. The NFL and AFL got their merger and, a week later, New Orleans got its NFL franchise.

Pete Rozelle announces the awarding of an NFL franchise to New Orleans with
Congressman Hale Boggs to his left and Governor John McKeithen at far right.

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