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The Basketball Hall of Fame is located in the city where Dr. James Naismith invented the game. What city is that?

Match the player who led the NCAA in scoring with the year in which he did so.

  1. Hank Gathers
  2. Hank Luisetti
  3. Pete Maravich
  4. George Mikan
  5. Oscar Robertson
  1. 1936-37
  2. 1945-46
  3. 1959-60
  4. 1969-70
  5. 1988-89

Follow-up question: Which two players above led the NCAA in scoring three straight seasons?

What name did Coach Nolan Richardson give to Arkansas' pressure defense during the 1990s?
  1. Amoeba Defense
  2. Forty Minutes of Hell
  3. The Freak
  4. The Pressure Cooker

What popular move was banned from college basketball in 1967 only to be reinstated in 1976?

Follow-up question: Who was the player most responsible for the banning of the move?

Three clues are given below for a basketball player. How many clues will you take to come up with the answer?

Ball stuck against backboard


Playing against Alabama, a Florida player shoots with 5 seconds left on the shot clock. The ball sticks between the rim and backboard. The alternate possession arrow favors Florida. How much time is placed on the shot clock?

Dr. James Naismith
  • The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is located in the city where Dr. Naismith invented the game. What city is that?

  • In the 2012 Sweet Sixteen game between Louisville and Michigan State, MSU was called for a foul against Russ Smith with 2:05 left in the game. Since the Spartans were over the 10-foul limit, Smith got 2 FTs. However, Gorgui Dieng stepped to the foul line. The officials didn't catch the mistake, and Dieng missed the first FT. Alerted from the scorer's table, the officials looked at a replay and then sent the correct shooter to the FT line. Does the missed FT by the wrong shooter count, or does Smith get to shoot two FTs?

  • In a college or NBA game, a defender is guarding the player with the ball at the foul line. The offensive player drives to the basket and lowers his shoulder into the defender as he gets under the basket. The defender at that point is inside the arc under the basket (white arc in diagram below). Is this charging or blocking?
2011-12 College Basketball Court 

  • A two-shot foul is called. As the shooter steps to the foul line, a substitute arrives at the scorer's table to enter the game. Should the officials allow the substitution?

  • A player is inbounding the ball from under his own basket. He throws a length-of-court pass that flies out of bounds on the other end of the floor with no one from either team touching it. What happens now?

  • In NCAA men's basketball, when a FT shooter is injured, who decides what other player will take the shots in his place?

  • LSU reached the Sweet Sixteen in 2000. Choose the two teams from the following list that the Tigers defeated before losing to Wisconsin.

    (A) Southeast Missouri State
    (B) Brigham Young
    (C) Marist
    (D) Texas

  • Arrange the following rules from the earliest to the latest in terms of when they were implemented in men's college basketball.

    (A) 3-point shot
    (B) Shot clock
    (C) Three-second limit for offensive players in the lane
    (D) Alternating possession for jump balls except at beginning of the game

  • How many feet off the court floor is the rim of the basketball hoop?

  • Identify the only three states that have never sent a team to the NCAA Division IA Men's Basketball Tournament

  • Which was the only #8 seed to ever win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?

    (A) UCLA in 1980
    (B) Villanova
    in 1985
    (C) Syracuse
    in 2003
    (D) Marquette
    in 1977

  • In what year and at what site was basketball introduced as an Olympic sport?

  • Rob Jones is a freshman forward for the San Diego Toreros [for the 2007-8 season]. His father is James Jones, Jr. What was Rob's grandfather, James Jones Sr., famous for?

  • Which of these current WNBA teams were among the original eight teams in the league's inaugural season in 1997?
  • (A) Houston Comets
    (B) Washington Mystics
    (C) Sacramento Monarchs
    (D) Connecticut Sun

  • Remember the last second shot by Christian Laettner of Duke after catching a length-of-the-court pass to win an NCAA Tournament Game?
    a) What year did that game take place?
    b) What opponent did Duke defeat?

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