Baseball Quiz: World Series
Match each pitcher with the career World Series record he holds.

  1. Madison Bumgarner
  2. Whitey Ford
  3. Orlando Hernandez
  4. Christy Mathewson
  5. Mariano Rivera
  1. ERA
  2. Wins
  3. Games Played
  4. Shutouts
  5. Strikeouts per 9 IP

Which pair of teams have met in the World Series exactly two times (through 2017)?

1. Cardinals - Red Sox
2. Dodgers - Athletics
3. Cubs - Tigers
4. Giants - Yankees

Walt Alston
Which one of these managers won a World Series in his first year of managing a new club?
  1. Walter Alston
  2. Joe Girardi
  3. Tony La Russa
  4. Joe Torre

Joe Torre

Joe Girardi

Tony La Russa

The New York Yankees won four straight World Series from 1936-39. Which one of these NL clubs was NOT one of the Yanks' victims during that streak?

(A) Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
New York Giants
St. Louis Cardinals

Which pair of franchises have never met in the World Series?

(A) Mets - Athletics
Dodgers - Indians
Cardinals - Twins
Braves - Red Sox

Mariano Rivera, who wore uniform No. 42, finished his career with 42 postseason saves.
How many came in the World Series?

(A) 5     (B) 11     (C) 17     (D) 22

Phillies 2B Chase Utley
Chase Utley

Chase Utley's five HRs in the 2009 World Series matched the record for a single Series. Which Hall of Famer's mark did he tie?

(A) Yogi Berra
(B) Reggie Jackson
(C) Duke Snider
(D) Babe Ruth

Three players have won the World Series MVP award twice. Two of them were pitchers.

  1. Identify the three players.
  2. Which one of the three won the award with two different teams?

What was the last National League team to play in three consecutive World Series?

(A) New York Giants 1921-2-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1942-3-4
Brooklyn Dodgers 1955-6-7
Cincinnati Reds 1974-5-6

Which team (franchise) has won the most World Series 7th games?

(A) New York/San Francisco Giants
(B) New York Yankees
(C) Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
(D) St. Louis Cardinals

The World Series MVP Award was instituted in 1955. Who won the first one?

(A) Johnny Podres (B) Mickey Mantle (C) Yogi Berra (D) Roy Campanella

Match each manager with his team that won the World Series.

  1. Jack McKeon
  2. Cito Gaston
  3. Tom Kelly€
  4. Bob Brenly
A.€  Minnesota Twins
B.€  Arizona Diamondbacks
C.€  Toronto Blue Jays
D.€  Florida Marlins

Only one team has won five straight World Series. Which team was it?

(A) 1924-8 New York Yankees
1929-33 Philadelphia Athletics
1949-53 New York Yankees
1942-46 St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Yankees won five straight World Series from 1949-1953. Which one of the following
National League teams did not lose one of those Series to the Yankees?

(A) New York Giants
(B) Philadelphia Phillies
Brooklyn Dodgers
St. Louis Cardinals

Match the World Series with its description.

  1. The AL team won the first two games before the NL champs
    won four straight.
  2. The home team won every one of the seven games.
  3. The AL team swept the NL team.
  4. The NL team swept the AL team.
(A) 1966 Orioles-Dodgers
(B) 1981 Yankees-Dodgers
(C) 1987 Twins-Cardinals
(D) 1990 Athletics-Reds

Five managers in the history of baseball are undefeated in World Series play. Which one of the five has won the most World Series games?

(A) George Stallings (B) Hank Bauer (C) Lou Pinella (D) Ozzie Guillen (E) Terry Francona

Which was the first team to win the World Series for the third consecutive year?

(A) 1923 New York Giants
(B) 1928
New York Yankees
(C) 1931
Philadelphia Athletics
(D) 1938
New York Yankees

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of Bill Mazeroski's HR that won the 1960 World Series for the Pirates. Which one of the following describes something that happened in that famous seventh game?

(A) The teams combined for 19 runs without drawing a single walk.
(B) The teams set a record for most HRs in a World Series game.
(C) The Yankees set a record for most pitchers used in a World Series game.
(D) There were no strikeouts in the game.

Match the description of a franchise's World Series participation with the team.

  1. Lost World Series four times, each time in seven games.
  2. Lost most World Series.
  3. Hosted the World Series in four different stadiums.
  4. Won World Series five times, each in seven games.
A. Philadelphia Phillies
B. Boston Red Sox
C. Pittsburgh Pirates
D. New York Yankees
  • The Yankees are one of the three franchises tied for losing the most World Series - 12. Who are the other two?

  • I am the only player to steal three bases in a World Series game on two separate occasions. Who am I?

    (A) Rickey Henderson (B) Lou Brock (C) Joe Morgan (D) Ty Cobb

  • In the 2008 World Series, both Chase Utley of the Phillies and Eric Hinske of the Rays hit HRs in their first World Series at-bats. Which one of the following players also accomplished that feat?

    (A) Mickey Mantle (B) Barry Bonds (C) Hank Aaron (D) Babe Ruth

  • Who is the only player to have two three-HR games in World Series play?

  • Which one of these pitchers did not win three games in a single World Series?

    (A) Mickey Lolich (B) Randy Johnson (C) Sandy Koufax (D) Christy Mathewson

  • In the 2009 World Series, Chase Utley of the Phillies hit 5 HRs. Whose Fall Classic record did he tie?

    (A) Babe Ruth (B) Lou Gehrig (C) Reggie Jackson (D) Duke Snider

  • Which one of the following World Series was a sweep?

    (A) 2003: Marlins over Yankees
    1998: Yankees over Padres
    2006: Cardinals over Tigers
    2002: Angels over Giants

  • Identify the only franchise to be swept three times in the World Series.

  • The St. Louis "Gashouse Gang" defeated the Detroit Tigers in seven games in the 1934 World Series. (Read a Baseball Vignette about the Gang.) Who was the player-manager of the Tigers? | Answer

  • Match each manager with the team he led to the World Series championship.
  1. Fred Haney
  2. Bill McKechnie
  3. Bucky Harris
  4. Jake Stahl
  5. Alvin Dark
(A) Boston Red Sox 1912
(B) Washington Senators 1924
(C) Cincinnati Reds 1940
(D) Milwaukee Braves 1957
(E) Oakland A's 1974
  • Don Larsen pitched the only no-hitter in World Series for the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers. In fact, it was a perfect game. Answer these questions about his feat.

    (A) In what year did Larsen pitch the perfect game?
    (B) What was the final score of the game?
    (C) Who was the hard luck Dodger losing pitcher?
    (D) What batter was called out on strikes to end the game?

Yogi Berra and Don Larsen 1956
Game 7 1955 World Series
1955 World Series Jubilation

The New York Yankees had only a 1-3 record in World Series Game 7's at Yankee Stadium. Here are some questions about those games.

(A) The only Game 7 victory at the Stadium was in 1947. What team did the Yanks defeat in that game?

(B) The most famous Game 7 loss at the Stadium was in 1955 when the Dodgers won their only World Series while in Brooklyn. Identify the Dodger LF who made a sensational catch in the 7th inning to help preserve the victory.
(C) Continuing with the 1955 game, identify the Dodger LHP who hurled the complete game 2-0 victory.

  • Identify the only team that swept the World Series one year only to be swept themselves the following year.
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