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Baseball Quiz: Stadiums

Which major league team once played its home games in this ballpark?


  • Which major league ballpark is being torn down in the picture below?
Demolished Ball Park
  • What team played its first major league games at Wrigley Field, pictured at the right?

Wrigley Field
  • Match each team with its home park.

1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Detroit Tigers
3. Chicago White Sox
4. Arizona Diamondbacks

(A) Comerica Park
Chase Field
Great American Ball Park
U.S. Cellular Field

  • Match the feature below with the stadium at the right.
  1. Ashburn's Ridge down the 3B line
  2. Since it was 457' to CF, batting cage was kept there in fair territory.
  3. "Moon Shots" over the screen in LF
  4. McCovey Cove beyond the RF fence
(A) Forbes Field
(B) Los Angeles Coliseum
(C) Connie Mack Stadium
(D) AT&T Park


  • Hank Aaron Stadium is located in what minor league city?

Hank Aaron Stadium

  • What was the first stadium in the major leagues with 40,000 seats? Answer

  • Which major league team once played in each of the stadiums?
    (A) Navin Field (B) Sportsman Park (C) Fulton County Stadium (D) Metropolitan Stadium
  • Yankee Stadium/Polo Grounds
    • The Polo Grounds (in the distance) and Yankee Stadium (foreground) faced each other across what river in New York City?

    • When the new Minnesota Twins stadium opened in 2010, what stadium became the only one that is used for both major league baseball and NFL football?

    • Camden Yards in Baltimore is located two blocks from the birthplace of what famous player?

    • Which major league team played its home games in each of these stadiums?

      (A) Seals Stadium (B) Parc Jarry (C) Colt Stadium (D) Baker Bowl

    • Which baseball parks contain or have contained these features?

      The Pesky Pole (B) Greenberg's Garden (C) The Well (D) Mount Davis
    Cooperstown Field
    • An American League and a National League team annually meet in the Hall of Fame exhibition in Cooperstown NY in conjunction with the induction of new members into the Hall. What is the name of the baseball park where the Hall of Fame game is played each year?