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How Would You Rule?

Situation: August 30, 1989 - San Diego Padres vs Montreal Expos; one out for the Padres, Bip Roberts on third and Roberto Alomar at second

The batter hits a fly to right for the second out. Both runners advance as the ball was thrown in. After all action had stopped, the Expos contended that Roberts had left third base too soon and decided to appeal. The ball was thrown to 3B Tim Wallach. Before he stepped on third, however, Alomar broke for the plate. Wallach then threw the ball to the catcher, which started a rundown, resulting in Alomar's being tagged for the third out. Assuming that Roberts had in fact left third too early, would his run count once Wallach stepped on third after the rundown to complete the appeal?

Reference: Peter E. Meltzer, So You Think You Know Baseball? A Fan's Guide to the Official Rules (2013)
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Match each pitcher with the career World Series record he holds.

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  2. Wins
  3. Games Played
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