Baseball Quiz: Records

Which of the players listed on the right holds each rookie record (since 1903)?

  1. Most Home runs
  2. Longest hitting streak
  3. Most RBIs
  4. Most saves
  5. Most stolen bases
  6. Most strikeouts
  7. Most victories
  1. Grover Cleveland Alexander
  2. Vince Coleman
  3. Joe DiMaggio
  4. Dwight Gooden
  5. Rickey Henderson
  6. Joe Jackson
  7. Aaron Judge
  8. Craig Kimbrel
  9. Jonathan Papelbon
  10. Albert Pujols
  11. J. R. Richard
  12. Nolan Ryan
  13. Benito Santiago
  14. Herb Score

Which of the players listed on the right holds each hitting record by a teenager?

  1. Batting average
  2. Most Home runs
  3. Most RBIs
  4. Slugging Percentage
  5. Walks
  1. Phil Cavaretta
  2. Tony Conigliaro
  3. Joe DiMaggio
  4. Bryce Harper
  5. Mel Ott
  6. Edgar Renteria
  7. Juan Soto
  8. Rusty Staub

Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews of the Braves are the pair of teammates with the most RBIs while playing on the same team - 863. Second are Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig with 846. Which duo is third?

(A) Duke Snider/Gil Hodges - Dodgers
(B) Jim Rice/Dwight Evans - Red Sox
(C) Willie Mays/Willie McCovey
- Giants
(D) Mickey Mantle/Yogi Berra - Yankees

Match each player with his record.
  1. Jimmie Foxx
  2. Lou Gehrig
  3. Rogers Hornsby
  4. Babe Ruth
A. Led the 1930s in home runs
B. Tied or led his league in HRs in 12 of 14 seasons
C. Averaged .400 over a five-year span
D. Knocked in 150 or more runs seven times in 11 years

Which player has the most doubles by a right-handed batter?
    1. Hank Aaron
    2. Craig Biggio
    3. Jimmie Foxx
    4. Rogers Hornsby
    5. Honus Wagner

In 2014, Jimmy Rollins became the 20th player in major league history to amass both 100 triples and 200 home runs. Which one of the following batters did not accomplish that feat?
  1. Johnny Damon
  2. Steve Finley
  3. Joe Medwick
  4. Paul Molitor
  5. Vada Pinson
  6. Frank Robinson

Which player collected more hits (1,731) than any other player in the 1980s?

(A) Wade Boggs
(B) Dale Murphy
(C) Eddie Murray
(D) Willie Wilson
(E) Robin Yount

56, of course, is the number of games of Joe DiMaggio's record hitting streak.

Match each record with the number that represents the maximum for that record.

(A) Most Consecutive Games with an RBI (since 1916)
(B) Most Consecutive Games with a Walk(since 1916)
(C) Most Consecutive Games Scoring a Run
(D) Most Consecutive Games Hitting a Triple
(E) Most Consecutive Games Hitting a Home Run
(F) Most Consecutive Games with Extra Base Hit
  1. 5
  2. 8
  3. 14
  4. 17
  5. 18
  6. 22

In his sensational 2013 season, Chris Davis of the Orioles hit 53 HRs and 42 doubles to join only two other players who collected 50 HRs and 40 doubles in a year. Who are the other two?

(A) Albert Belle
(B) Hank Greenberg
(C) Mark McGwire
(D) Babe Ruth

Orioles 1B Chris Davis
Chris Davis

Who hit the most ML HRs in the decade of the 1970s?

      1. Johnny Bench
      2. Barry Bonds
      3. Reggie Jackson
      4. Willie Stargell

Who holds the record for most HRs in his first ten ML seasons?

    1. Hank Aaron
    2. Ken Griffey Jr.
    3. Ralph Kiner
    4. Eddie Mathews
    5. Albert Pujols

Who is the only player to steal a hundred bases in back-to-back seasons?

(A) Maury Wills (B) Lou Brock (C) Ricky Henderson (D) Vince Coleman

Joe Medwick Ralph Kiner
Joe Medwick (L), Ralph Kiner (R)

Who holds the NL record for most RBI in a rookie season?

(A) Joe Medwick
(B) Ralph Kiner
(C) Willie Mays
(D) Albert Pujols
Willie Mays Albert Pujols
Willie Mays (L), Albert Pujols (R)
  • What is the record for most triples by a hitter in a major league game?

    (A) 3    (B) 4    (C) 5    (D) 6

  • Two players share the record for most triples in a season by a catcher (since 1900). One of them is Johnny Kling of the 1903 Cubs. Who is the other?

    (A) Tim McCarver
    (B) Ivan Rodriguez
    (C) Yogi Berra
    (D) Mike Piazza

  • Match each pitcher with the decade in which he led the major leagues in victories.
  1. Juan Marichal
  2. Jim Palmer
  3. Jack Morris
  4. Warren Spahn
(A) 1950s
(B) 1960s
(C) 1970s
(D) 1980s
  • Which player holds the ML record for the most games played as a first baseman?
  • (A) Frank Chance
    (B) Eddie Murray
    (C) George Sisler
    (D) Lou Gehrig

  • Which P set the single-season record for strikeout-to-walk ratio in modern baseball history during the 2010 season?

    (A) Cliff Lee (B) Tim Lincecum (C) Roy Halladay (D) Adam Wainwright

  • What 2010 team shattered the record for most strikeouts by the team's batters in a season, a record formerly held by the 2001 Brewers?
  • (A) Chicago Cubs
    (B) Baltimore Orioles
    (C) Oakland A's
    Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Since 1900, who is the only ML player to hit 50 or more doubles and 20 or more triples in the same season?

(A) Jimmy Rollins    (B) Tris Speaker    (C) Stan Musial    (D) George Brett

  • Which player holds the ML record for the most games played as a catcher?
  • (A) Ivan Rodriguez
    (B) Carlton Fisk
    (C) Yogi Berra
    (D) Johnny Bench

  • Who holds the record for the most leadoff HRs in a career?
  • (A) Craig Biggio
    (B) Bobby Bonds
    (C) Ricky Henderson

    (D) Brady Anderson

  • Who holds the National League record for most total bases in a rookie season?

    (A) Mike Schmidt (B) Joe Medwick (C) Albert Pujols (D) Willie Mays

  • Who was the first C with 20 HR and 20 steals in a season?


  • The top two players in HRs during the 1950s played on the same team. Identify them.

    (A) Duke Snider and Gil Hodges
    (B) Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra
    (C) Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron
    (D) Roy Campanella and Duke Snider

  • Which player has the most career HRs without ever appearing in the World Series?

  • Who holds the NL record for most total bases in a single season by a switch-hitter with 369?

    (A) Pete Rose (B) Frank Frisch (C) Rip Collins (D) Chipper Jones

  • What player has won 18 Gold Gloves, the most ever?

(A) Ivan Rodriguez Ä€ (B) Brooks RobinsonÄ€  (C) Keith Hernandez Ä€ (D) Greg Maddux

  • The career record for HR as a designated hitter is 274. Who holds it?

(A) Frank Thomas (B) David Ortiz (C) Harold Baines (D) Don Baylor (E) Edgar Martinez

  • Which pair of teammates homered in the same game the largest number of times?

    (A) Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews, Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves
    (B) Willie Mays and Willie McCovey, San Francisco Giants
    (C) Duke Snider and Gil Hodges, Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
    (D) Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

  • Which one of the following pitchers did NOT throw no-hitters in both the NL and AL?
    (A) Jim Bunning (B) Gaylord Perry (C) Hideo Nomo (D) Randy Johnson

  • Each player at the left below holds the rookie HR record for a franchise. Match each player with his rookie team.

1. Mark McGwire
2. Frank Robinson
3. Billy Williams
4. Mike Piazza

(A) Chicago Cubs
(B) Oakland A's
(C) Los Angeles Dodgers
(D) Cincinnati Reds

      • The record for most multi-homer games in a season is 11. This mark was set by an AL player in 1938 and tied sixty years later by an NL player. Identify the two players who share the record.

      (A) Lou Gehrig and Sammy Sosa
      (B) Lou Gehrig and Mark McGwire
      (C) Hank Greenberg and Sammy Sosa
      (D) Hank Greenberg and Mark McGwire

      • Which pair is the only father-son combination to each hit over 40 HRs in a major league season?
            1. Felipe and Moises Alou
            2. Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr.
            3. Cecil and Prince Fielder
            4. Bobby and Barry Bonds

      • Which one of these pitchers holds the ML record for most consecutive hitless innings with 25 1/3?

        (A) Johnny Vander Meer (B) Cy Young (C) Dennis Eckersley (D) Bob Gibson

      • The baseball player who played the most games in his career is the same man who has the most career at-bats. Who is he?

      • The record for leadoff HRs in consecutive games is four, set from April 18–21, 1996. A curious fact is that the player's team, the Orioles, lost all four games. Who is he?
Cesar Tovar, Twins
Cesar Tovar
  • Cesar Tovar (1965-1976) and Eddie Milner (1980-1988) hold the record for most times a player got the lone hit in a one-hitter. How times did each break up a no-hitter?

Eddie Milner, Reds
      • During the 2007 season, Barry Bonds set the record for most career HRs by a left-fielder (as well as most HRs by a left-handed batter). Also, Alex Rodriguez set the record for most HRs by a third baseman in a season. Another player set the record for most career HRs by a right fielder. Who is that right fielder?

      • Who is the only man to win the Grand Slam of Baseball Trophies – MVP, Rookie of the Year, World Series MVP, and All Star Game MVP?

      • Which manager holds the record for the most consecutive winning seasons with 24?

        Connie Mack (B) John McGraw (C) Joe McCarthy (D) Sparky Anderson (E) Al Lopez

      • The record for an infield staying together the longest is eight years for the Los Angeles Dodgers infield from 1974-1981. Name the four players in that infield.

      • Which pitcher holds the record for most MLB losses in his career?

      • When Babe Ruth hit 54 homers in 1920, he broke his own major league record set the year before. How many round-trippers did he clout in 1919?
        (A) 28 (B) 29 (C) 30 (D) 31

      • Identify the only two pitchers who have won four consecutive Cy Young Awards.

      • The record for most times on the losing side in a World Series is six. Two players share this dubious distinction. Who are they?

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