Baseball Quiz: Hall of Famers
Which was Casey Stengel's last World Series as manager of the Yankees?
  1. 1958 vs Milwaukee Braves
  2. 1960 vs Pittsburgh Pirates
  3. 1961 vs Cincinnati Reds
  4. 1962 vs San Francisco Giants

Identify each Hall of Fame player.

  1. I finished my career with 1,815 hits at home and 1,815 hits on the road and was never once thrown out of a major league game.
  2. Bob Gibson called me "the scariest hitter in baseball." My best season was 1969 when I recorded career highs in homers (45) and RBI (126) to earn the National League MVP Award.
  3. I set a record when I hit 37 homers before the All-Star break in my third year in the American League. But I hit only 10 more the rest of the season.
  4. I gave my Hall of Fame induction speech in a wheelchair.
  5. My 225 hits in 1996 are the most by any player age 39 or older in one season.

Five members of the Baseball Hall of Fame were born in Louisiana. Match each player with his birthplace.

  1. Willard Brown
  2. Bill Dickey
  3. Ted Lyons
  4. Mel Ott
  5. Lee Smith
  1. Bastrop
  2. Gretna
  3. Jamestown
  4. Lake Charles
  5. Shreveport

Match each Hall of Famer with the country in which he was born. One country is the answer for more than one Hall of Famer.
  1. Bert Blyleven
  2. Vladimir Guerrero
  3. Ferguson Jenkins
  4. Juan Marichal
  5. Tony Perez
  6. Mariano Rivera
  1. Canada
  2. Cuba
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Netherlands
  5. Panama

Frank Robinson became the first black manager in the American League when he took over the Cleveland Indians in 1975. Who was the first black manager in the National League?

  1. When Joe DiMaggio reached game 25 during his 56-game hitting streak, he broke the Yankee record for most consecutive games with a hit. Whose Yankee record did he break?
  1. Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman are the only two pitchers to record over 500 saves (652 and 601 respectively). Who is a distant third on the all-time saves list?

    1. Dennis Eckersley  
    2. John Franco  
    3. Francisco Rodriguez  
    4. Lee Smith  
    5. Billy Wagner

Who am I?

Rank these players by the number of batting titles won, from most to least. NOTE: There is a tie between two of the players for third place.
  1. Rod Carew
  2. Ty Cobb
  3. Tony Gwynn
  4. Stan Musial

In 1979, this player signed a four-year contract worth $4.5 million, making him baseball's first million-dollar-a-year man. Identify him.
BONUS: Which team signed him?
  1. Johnny Bench
  2. Nolan Ryan
  3. Mike Schmidt
  4. Tom Seaver
  5. Willie Stargell
  6. Dave Winfield
Mariano Rivera is baseball's all-time saves leader with 652. As this is written, Francisco Rodriguez is in 6th place and may move up to 5th by the end of the 2016 season. The pitchers who currently occupy spots 2 through 5 are listed below in alphabetical order. Rank them in order of saves from most to least.
  1. John Franco
  2. Trevor Hoffman
  3. Lee Smith
  4. Billy Wagner
Only one member of the Baseball Hall of Fame has each first name listed below. Give the last name (correctly spelled) that goes with each first name.
  1. Christopher
  2. Denton
  3. Edd
  4. Elmer
  5. Maximillian
  6. Wilbert

a) Which one of these Hall of Famers never won the MVP Award in the All Star Game?
b) Which two won multiple All Star MVP awards?
  1. Gary Carter
  2. Mickey Mantle
  3. Willie Mays
  4. Cal Ripken
  5. Frank Robinson
  6. Don Sutton
  7. Carl Yastrzemski

Who is this future Hall of Famer?

Each of the players below is in the top ten in total hits in a career. List them in the order of their hits, from highest to lowest.
(A) Ty Cobb
(B) Stan Musial
(C) Tris Speaker
(D) Honus Wagner
(E) Carl Yastrzemski

Which one of these players is NOT in the top five of most games with one team for his entire career?

(A) George Brett, Royals
(B) Stan Musial
, Cardinals
(C) Brooks Robinson
, Orioles
(D) Carl Yastrzemski
, Red Sox

BONUS: Which one of the other four is #1 in most games with one team?

Four of the five Hall of Famers listed below never played in a World Series. Which one did play in the Fall Classic?
  1. Luis Aparicio
  2. Ernie Banks
  3. Rod Carew
  4. Ralph Kiner
  5. Ryne Sandberg

Match each Hall of Famer with his country of origin.
  1. Roberto Alomar
  2. Luis Aparicio
  3. Rod Carew
  4. Juan Marichal
  5. Tony Perez
(A) Cuba
(B) Dominican Republic
(C) Panama
(D) Puerto Rico
(E) Venezuela

Who hit the most HRs in the decade of the 1960s?
(A) Willie Stargell
(B) Roger Maris

) Harmon Killibrew
) Carl Yastrzezski

Who led the majors in stolen bases in his 20th big league season?


Which player won the NL Triple Crown in 1937 with 31 HRs, 154 RBI, and a .374 batting average?

(A) Mel Ott (B) Johnny Mize (C) Joe Medwick (D) Dolph Camilli

Who is the youngest player to hit a home run in the All-Star game?

(A) Johnny Bench   (B) Willie Mays   (C) Ted Williams   (D) Albert Pujols

Which pitcher led the American League in 1940 in wins, ERA, strikeouts, complete games, and innings pitched?

(A) Lefty Grove
(B) Red Ruffing
(C) Bob Feller
(D) Schoolboy Rowe

Which player had the most RBIs during the decade 1910-1919?

(A) Joe Jackson (B) Ty Cobb (C) Tris Speaker (D) Babe Ruth

Who is the future Hall of Famer pictured at the right?


Future Hall of Famer

Who am I?


With the induction of Bert Blyleven (native of The Netherlands) and Roberto Alomar (Puerto Rico) into the Hall of Fame in 2011, there are now ten players enshrined who were born outside the U.S. Match each inductee below with his native country.

1. Ferguson Jenkins
2. Juan Marichal
3. Tony Perez
4. Rod Carew
5. Louis Aparicio
(A) Venezuela
(B) Panama
(C) Canada
(D) Dominican Republic
(E) Cuba

What player ended the 1955 All-Star game with a 12th-inning HR?

(A) Willie Mays
(B) Mickey Mantle
(C) Stan Musial
(D) Ted Williams

Whose 33-game hitting streak is the longest in Cardinals history?

Who was the first ML pitcher elected to the Hall of Fame who never started at least one game?

(A) Rollie Fingers
(B) Bruce Sutter
(C) Hoyt Wilhelm
(D) Dennis Eckersley

Mel Ott played most of the games in his career in RF. But in 1937, to help Bill Terry's New York Giants, he played 60 games at another position. He also played that position for all five games of the World Series against the Yankees. What was that other position?

(A) CF (B) LF (C) 3B (D) 1B

Who was the first player to have his number retired by the Chicago Cubs?

Match each Hall of Fame player with the team he played the most seasons with.

  1. Reggie Jackson
  2. Nolan Ryan
  3. Carlton Fisk
  4. Dave Winfield

A. Padres
B. Angels
C. Athletics
D. Red Sox
E. Astros
F. White Sox
G. Yankees

Three St. Louis Cardinals pitchers have won the NL MVP award. One was Dizzy Dean (1934). Another was Bob Gibson (1968). Who was the third?

The 1933 World Series between the New York Giants and the Washington Senators featured player-managers for both teams. Select the two skippers from the following list.

(A) Frank Frisch (B) Joe Cronin (C) Mickey Cochrane
Bill Terry (E) Rogers Hornsby

Which one of these members of the 3,000 strikeout club recorded all his Ks for one team?

(A) Steve Carlton (B) Don Sutton (C) Bob Gibson (D) Ferguson Jenkins

Which manager had the most consecutive winning seasons (20) in history?

(A) Connie Mack (B) Tony LaRussa (C) John McGraw (D) Joe McCarthy

When Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were elected to the Hall of Fame in 2009, they became the first LFs to enter Cooperstown in 20 years. Who was the last previous LF?

Which one of the following players did not amass 3000 hits in his major league career?

(A) Eddie Murray (B) Roberto Clemente (C) Mel Ott (D) Al Kaline

Here are some questions about players who played their entire ML career with just one team.

  1. Who is #1 in most HRs hit while playing his entire career with one team?
  2. Which pitcher has the most wins while playing his entire career with one team?
  3. Who recorded the most hits while spending his entire career with the same team?

What was the real first name of each of these players?

(A) "Yogi" Berra (B) "Pie" Traynor (C) "Home Run" Baker (D) "Dizzy"Dean

The Ford C. Frick award is given annually to recognize broadcasters for their contribution to baseball. The trophy is given each year at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cooperstown NY.
Who were the first two winners of the award in 1978?

Which player had each of these nicknames?

(A) "Say Hey Kid"
(B) "The Fordham Flash"
(C) "Big Train"
(D) "Black Mike"

What famous owner was called the "Old Roman"?

What was "Casey" Stengel's real first name?

The term "Triple Crown" came into popular use by writers in 1933 when a player in each league led his circuit in home runs, RBI, and batting average. Who were the two players?

Match each Hall of Famer below with his real first name.

  1. "Goose" Goslin
  2. "Cool Papa" Bell
  3. "Babe" Ruth
  4. "Chief" Bender
  1. George
  2. Leon
  3. Charles
  4. James

Walter Alston, the Hall of Fame manager of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (1954-1976), had only one MLB at-bat, in 1936. What team did he bat for?

Off what future Hall of Fame pitcher did Willie Mays hit his first major league HR?

Match each Hall of Fame player with the last ML team he played for.

  1. Hank Aaron
  2. Frank Robinson
  3. Lefty Grove
  4. Harmon Killibrew
(A) Cleveland Indians
(B) Kansas City Athletics
(C) Milwaukee Brewers
(D) Boston Red Sox

Which last name is the most common among baseball Hall of Famers?

(A) Brown (B) Johnson (C) Robinson (D) Williams

Below is the list of the first five players elected to the Hall of Fame in 1937. Only one of them played his entire major league career with just one team. Which one?

  1. Ty Cobb
  2. Walter Johnson
  3. Babe Ruth
  4. Tris Speaker
  5. Honus Wagner

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