Baseball Quizzes: Cardinals - 3
Which team did the 1946 Cardinals defeat in a three-game playoff to win the National League championship?

In 1979, this Cardinal became the first switch-hitter to record 100 hits from both sides of the plate. Who was he?
  1. Willie McGee
  2. Ted Simmons
  3. Ozzie Smith
  4. Garry Templeton

Which three of these Cardinals pitchers had three consecutive 20-win seasons?
  1. Joaquin Andujar
  2. Harry Brecheen
  3. Mort Cooper
  4. Dizzy Dean
  5. Bob Gibson
  6. Adam Wainwright

Match each Cardinal with his nickname.
  1. Harvey Haddix
  2. Marty Marion
  3. Gerry Staley
  4. Lon Warneke
  1. Arkansas Hummingbird
  2. The Kitten
  3. Lumberjack
  4. Mr. Shortstop

Match each Cardinal with the franchise career record(s) he holds.
  1. Lou Brock
  2. Jesse Burkett
  3. Vince Coleman
  4. Mark McGwire
  5. Stan Musial
  1. Batting average
  2. Bases on balls
  3. Games played
  4. Slugging %
  5. Strikeouts
  6. Stolen bases
  7. Stolen base %

Dizzy Dean died July 17, 1974, at age 63. What Cardinals' pitcher recorded his 3,000th strikeout that same day.

Which Cardinals player was known by all these nicknames?

Fulton Flash, Callaway Kid, Shake 'N Bake

The Cardinals had only one 20-game winner during the 1950s. Who was he?
  1. Bob Gibson
  2. Harvey Haddix
  3. Larry Jackson
  4. Brooks Lawrence
  5. Vinegar Bend Mizell

Who am I?


Match each former Cardinal with his nickname.
  1. Ken Boyer
  2. Al Hrabosky
  3. Joe Medwick
  4. Ted Simmons
  5. Gerry Staley
  1. The Captain
  2. Geronimo
  3. The Mad Hungarian
  4. Muscles
  5. Simba

The players listed below were sent to other clubs in what some call "The 10 Worst Trades" in Cardinals history. To what team did the Cardinals trade each player in the given year?

  1. Johnny Mize 1941
  2. Mike Cuellar 1965
  3. Steve Carlton 1972
  4. Keith Hernandez 1983
  5. Andy Van Slyke 1987

Put these Cardinals managers in chronological order of when they managed the Redbirds, from earliest to latest.

  1. Eddie Dyer
  2. Fred Hutchinson
  3. Johnny Keane
  4. Red Schoendienst
  5. Eddie Stanky

Which of these American League teams (franchises) have the Cardinals never defeated in the World Series?
  1. Athletics
  2. Indians
  3. Red Sox
  4. Tigers
  5. Yankees

Who is the Cardinals' all-time home run leader (home runs hit while wearing a Cardinal uniform)?
  1. Rogers Hornsby
  2. Mark McGwire
  3. Stan Musial
  4. Albert Pujols

Each of these members of the 1985 Cardinals' pennant-winning team moved to another team within the next three years. Match each player with the first team he joined after leaving St. Louis.
  1. Joaquin Andujar
  2. Jack Clark
  3. Darrell Porter
  4. John Tudor
  5. Andy Van Slyke
  1. Athletics
  2. Dodgers
  3. Pirates
  4. Rangers
  5. Yankees

Each of these pitchers won 20 games for the Cardinals. Which ones were southpaws?

(A) Joaquin Andujar
(B) Steve Carlton
(C) Darryl Kile
(D) Flint Rhem
(E) John Tudor

During the 1968 World Series, Bob Gibson won two games for the Cardinals before losing Game 7 to Detroit. Who was the other St. Louis winning pitcher in the '68 Fall Classic?

(A) Nelson Briles
(B) Joe Hoerner
(C) Larry Jaster
(D) Ray Washburn

Who is the only Cardinal to hit a grand slam in the World Series?

  1. Ken Boyer
  2. Lou Brock
  3. Tim McCarver
  4. Stan Musial
  5. Albert Pujols

Rogers Hornsby was player-manager for the Cardinals in 1926 when they defeat the Yankees in the World Series. Rogers played in one other World Series with a different club. What club in what year was that World Series?