1967 Abramowicz Refuses to Be Cut
1967 Eagles: First Victory
1967 Falcons: Second Victory
1967 Redskins: First Road Win
1968 Vikings: Durkee, Whittingham Come Through
1968 Steelers: Atkins Army Preserves Win
1968 Brown's Punt Return
1969 Cardinals: Kilmer Outguns Johnson
1969 Giants: Dempsey Winning FG
1969 49ers: Gritty Kilmer Leads Cardiac Win
1969 Steelers: Hargett Leads Comeback
1970 Giants: Nevett Sparks Comeback
1970 Lions: Dempsey's Record Kick
1971 Rams: Archie's First Game
1971 Cowboys: Upset of the Year
1971 Raiders: Hargett-Parks To Tie
1971 49ers: Rookie Snags Winning Pass
1972 Rams: Feller Makes Everyone Happy
1973 Lions: North Takes Points Off Board
1973 Redskins: Beleagured D Rises Up
1973 Bills: Saints' First Shutout
1973 49ers: Welcome Back, Danny
1974 Archie Fends off Memphis
1974 Eagles: Archie Returns
1974 Cardinals: Farewell Victory
1975 Packers: Punter/Kicker Plays
1976 Stram Picks Thunder/Lightning
1976 Stram Beats Former Team
1976 Capone Scores Clincher
1977 Rams: Fake Field Goal
1977 Falcons: Archie Off Bench
1978 Vikings: Myers' 3 INTs
1978 Bengals: Leypoldt's Pool Shot
1978 49ers: D Flexes Its Muscles
1978 Rams: First Win at Coliseum
1978 Bucs: Manning to Childs
1980 Jets: Only victory of season
1981 New coach; great draft choice
1981 Rams 1: Saints hang on
1981 Rams 2: First sweep
1981 Oilers: Bum's return
1982 Bears: Shutout before strike
1983 Bears: OT field goal wins
1983 Falcons: Andersen again
1983 Bucs: INT return Clinches
1983 Vikings: Wilson go-ahead TD
1983 Eagles: Andersen OT FG
1984 Bucs: Gajan Go-ahead TD
1984 Browns: Andersen winning FG
1985 Saints sign Hebert, Mora
1985 49ers: Wilsons Spark Upset
1985 Vikings: Hebert to Tice Wins