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1903: Fans Help Visitors
1906: Sox Surprise Starters
1907: Schmidt Misses Final Strike
1909: Clarke Bets on Babe
1909: Abstein Kills 9th Inning Rally
1911: Baker Earns His Nickname
1911: Lapp Guns Down Giants
1912: Dropped Balls Doom Giants
1914: Stallings Outmanages Mack
1916: Carrigan's Right Moves
1917: Weaver Fires Up White Sox
1918: Suspicious Cubs Fielding
1918: More Cubs Shenanigans
1919: Cicotte Signals Fix Is In
1921: Babe Bunts to Start Rally
1924: Harris Outsmarts McGraw
1924: Fortune Shines on Senators
1925: Rice Makes Great Catch
1925: Pirates Rally against Big Train
1926: Haines Bests Ruth
1926: Old Pete Strikes Out Lazzeri
1929: Mack Starts Ehmke
1938: Gabby Leaves Diz in Too Long
1939: Lombardi's Snooze
1940: Bartell holds the ball.
1941: Owen Muffs Third Strike
1946: Slaughter's Mad Dash
1946: Brecheen Saves Cards
1947: Lavagetto the Spoiler
1948: Feller's Bad Luck
1952: Martin Saves Yanks
1954: Willie's Catch; Dusty's Homer
1955: Amoros Saves Dodgers
1959: Neal, Essegian Wake Up LA
1959: Rivera, Donovan Keep Sox Alive
1960: Law and Face Save Pirates
1961: Maris, Blanchard Bomb Reds
1962: Maris's Hustle; Richardson Catch
1975: Carbo Rescues Red Sox
1978: Jackson Hit by Throw
1985: Denkinger Blows Call
1986: Buckner's Boo Boo
1993: Carter's Walk Off
1996: Leyritz's Home Run
2002: Spiezio Sparks Angels
2011: Cards Come Back Twice