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1906 LSU Unveils Passing Attack
1907 Wingards Recruit Fenton
1908 Wingard Assembles Powerhouse
1908 Texas A&M: First Test
1908 Auburn: Tigers Survive on Road
1915 Arkansas: Second half surge wins
1915 Tulane: Visitors Start Too Late
1919 Tulane: Pray's Farewell Game Plan
1921 Texas A&M: McFarland's Quick Thinking
1921 Miss. A&M: Ives Winds Up Great Career
1922 Tulane: Biggest Surprise in History
1923 SLI: Cagle Almost Leads Upset
1924 Indiana: First Trip to Yankeeland
1924 Rice: Donahue beats Heisman
1925 Rice: Governor's talk pays off
1926 Arkansas: Mason Excels in His Hometown
1926 Tulane: Tinsley Preserves Victory
1927 Alabama: Scoreless Tie
1927 Auburn: Sixth straight shutout
1928 Georgia: Cohen gets his first win
1930 Sewanee: Hard-fought win
1930 Arkansas: Huey's Pep Talk Pays Off
1931 Spring Hill: First night game
1932 LSU Hires Biff Jones
1932 LSU Recruits Abe Mickal
1933 Tulane Burge's Miracle Catch
1933 Tennessee Jones Starts Yates
1934 SMU: Jones Sends in Sullivan
1934 Vanderbilt: Long Leads Parade
1934 Oregon: Huey's Halftime Invasion
1935 Bernie Moore becomes coach.
1935 Goal-line stand vs Arkansas.
1935 Georgia: Fatherree's Sensational Run
1936 Auburn: Morton Sprints 90y
1937 Texas: Rohm Sloshes 60y
1937 Rice: Kavanaugh 100y fumble return
1937 Auburn: Kicking Game Prevails
1937 Tulane: LSU scores on illegal play
1938 Rice: Erdman Sparks Winning Drive
1938 Vandy: Revenge Is Sweet!
1939 Holy Cross: Kavanaugh's Trifecta
1939 Vandy: Kavanaugh Strikes Again
1940 Auburn: Bird Leads Upset
1940 Tulane: Dodson Redeems Himself
1941 Florida: Lipkis Winning FG
1941 Tulane: Van Buren Sparks Upset
1942 Texas A&M: Dark's Dazzling Debut
1942 Mississippi State: Dark Leads Comeback
1942 Ole Miss: Dark Sparks Victory
1942 @Fordham: Harris Leads Win
1943 Georgia: Van Buren 3 TDs
1943 Rice: Van Buren sparks surge
1943 TCU: Tigers shutout Frogs
1944 Orange Bowl
1944 Tittle Comes to LSU
1944 Alabama: Tittle's First Game
1944 Tulane: Tigers Spring Upset
1945 Ga.Tech: Knight Boots Winner
1946 Rice: Blocked PAT Seals Win
1946 Ole Miss: Tittle Outplays Conerly
1993 Alabama: Pigs Fly Game
1995 Auburn: Twillie Saves the Magic
1996 Auburn: A Barn Burner
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