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Basketball Short Story Auerbach Wanted No Part of Cousy
Pivotal Pro Football Moments 1971 AFC Playoff: Dolphins @ Chiefs
Football Short Story "Okay, You Pass."
Pivotal World Series Moments 1922: McGraw has Babe's number.
LSU Pivotal Moments 1941 Florida
Clash of Titans 1941 Georgia @ Georgia Tech
Pivotal Saints Moments 1978 vs Buccaneers
Basketball Short Story
Auerbach Wanted No Part of Cousy
1950: Merging players from the defunct BAA, owners picked draft choices out of a hat.

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Pivotal Pro Football Moments
1971 AFC Playoff: Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs

The longest game in NFL history ended with a field goal by a little kicker from Cypress.

"Okay, You Pass."
More Strange But True Football Stories, Zander Hollander (1973)
When Vince Lombardi reported for freshman football practice at Fordham University in 1933, an assistant coach had looked him over in surprise when he said he was a tackle. Lombardi just seem­ed too small.
"Get in your stance," said the coach.
Vince did, and as he has recalled the scene:
"He hit the hell out of me. When he told me to get in my stance again, this time I was ready for him. I let him have it."
"Okay," said the coach. "You pass."
As a 172-pound varsity guard Lombardi was a member of the line known as the "Seven Walls of Granite." In one game he played with his mouth full of blood as a result of a collision early in the con­test ... Afterwards, the team doctor had to put 30 stitches in Vince's mouth.
Lombardi at Fordham
Lombardi demonstrated the same kind of toughness in coaching. On his second day in camp [as head coach of the Packers in 1959], after putting the Packers through a hard prac­tice, he found 20 players scattered about the training room waiting to be attended to for minor injuries. "What's this?" he said in his brisk, loud voice. "You've got to play with those small hurts, you know!" The next day the number of Packers in the trainer's quarters had dwindled to two. One of them, A.D. Williams, an end, had his foot in a bucket of ice in order to reduce the swelling in his ankle. "How're you feeling?" Vince boomed. Williams hopped out of his chair and said through chattering teeth, "I feel better already, coach."

Billy Howton
Lombardi was tough on all his men - rookies and stars alike. When the great pass receiver Billy Howton told Lom­bardi, "If I don't get more money, I'm gonna quit," Lombar­di quickly re­torted, "Go ahead and quit." It required courage to release his finest pass receiver when he had no assured successor, but Lombardi did it. He wanted to establish that he was in charge. "There can be only one dominant man on a team," he said. "He has to be the coach."
He made the same point to Paul Hornung, who called long distance to training camp two days late and said, "Coach, I didn't get my expense money."
Lombardi replied, "Haul yourself here. You get your ex­penses when you make my team."
During his first week at Green Bay, the coach yelled so loudly and so often that he lost his voice. He insisted that injured players run in practice and warned, "You're preparing your­self mentally. Don't cross me. If you cross me a second time, you're gone."
Lombardi was as good as his word. Through clever trades he discarded the playboys, the shirkers and the troublemakers. Then he remodeled the spirit of those who were left. He ha­rassed them out of the bars and into bed by curfew time. He forced them to attend meetings, meals and workouts on time. He let them know that his intentions were to make them tougher than the football players on other teams. "Football is two things," he said. "It's blocking and tackling. If you block and tackle better than the team you're playing, you win."
Pivotal World Series Moments
1922: McGraw's Strategy for Ruth
Babe goes a miserable 2-of-17 as Yankees lose in five.

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LSU Pivotal Moments
1941 Florida
Lipkis kicks winning field goal in last seconds.

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Clash of Titans
1941 Georgia @ Georgia Tech
Frank Sinkwich leads the Bulldogs to victory wearing a special helmet.

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Pivotal Saints Moments
1978 vs Buccaneers

Manning to Childs puts Saints ahead for good.

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