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Odd Facts: Babe Lost a HR, Forfeited Game, and One Replayed Twice
Until 1920, major league rules decreed that the home team could not win by more than one run when it won in the bottom of the 9th or an extra inning.
  • If the batter hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th of a tie game, he was credited with only a single since that was all that was needed to send the winning run home. In other words, the game ended as soon as the winning run scored.
  • One of the 38 players who lost HRs under this rule was Babe Ruth. On July 8, 1918, he homered for the Red Sox with a teammate on 1st base in the bottom of the 10th of a scoreless game. Since the runner had to traverse three bases to reach the plate, Babe was credited with a triple.
  • In 1968, the Special Baseball Records Committee, formed to settle historical disparities or errors, voted to credit all the players who had hit "walkoff" HRs before 1920 with an additional four-bagger. So Ruth's HR total went from 714 to 715.
  • But a year later, the committee reversed its decision and return the total to 714.

Rule 7.03 states in part: A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team ... employs tactics palpably designed to delay or shorten the game.

  • The last time this rule was invoked was July 18, 1954, at Sportsman's Park in St. Louis.
  • The Cardinals trailed the Phillies 8-1 in the second game of a rain-delayed doubleheader with one out in the top of the 5th, and darkness fast approaching. Since the rules did not permit turning on the stadium lights to continue play, Cards manager Eddie Stanky starting delaying to keep the game from going the required five full innings to be official.
  • When he changed pitchers twice in the top of the 5th, the umpires warned Eddie that they would invoke the stalling rule. When he went to his bullpen a third time, crew chief Babe Pinelli picked up the field microphone and announced that the game was forfeited to the Phils.
  • Because the game didn't go the required five innings, the official scorer didn't send in a box score. Philly starter Bob Greenwood was denied an almost certain victory in his first major league start.

A 1932 game between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers was replayed not once but twice.

  • The story begins in the 2nd inning of the original game when Tony Lazzeri stepped to the plate as the 5th hitter in the Yankee order. Plate umpire Dick Nallin told Tony that he was the 6th batter on the lineup card. NY skipper Joe McCarthy, admitting he made a mistake on his card, asked Nallin to make an exception and allow Lazzeri to hit in his usual 5th spot. The ump agreed.
  • When Tony singled, Detroit manager Bucky Harris appealed to Nallin that Laz had hit out of order. When Nallin explained that Tony had hit fifth with his permission, Harris played the game under protest on the grounds that the umpire had no authority to change the batting order after the game began.
  • After the Yanks won 6-3, AL president Will Harridge upheld the protest and ordered the game replayed in its entirety.
  • The two clubs met again a month later. But the replay ended in a 7-7 tie because of darkness.
  • So the following day, the second replay took place. Detroit won 4-1.
  • Postscript: At the end of the season, Harridge terminated Nallin after he completed his 18th year as an AL umpire.

Babe Ruth

Eddie Stanky

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